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I'm commited now....

Posted by SharynLS on Mar 18, 2010 6:19:48 PM

I did it!!!


I registered and paid for my entry into the 24th annual Naples Fitness Challenge!!!  It is on June 6th.... so I have only 2 1/2 months to get ready!!


I feel like my mindset has changed....every day is important and counts!  At dinner tonight (at Chili's), I found myself asking "What would an athlete eat.....?"   I've not ever seen myself as an athlete, but now that I've signed up for this.... I am seeing my life a bit differently.    I chose a salad with grilled shrimp, pineapple, mandarin oranges and napa cabbage with a "guiltless" dressing.  ( I have to eat as an insulin resistant, carb sensitive, pre-diabetic athlete )


When I got home, it was getting late and I had a bag of excuses I could have used to not go for a run:   I just ate dinner, I had a very long day teaching and tutoring, my 4 year old daughter needs to get to bed, it's getting dark, it's kind of get the idea.  But again, I asked "What would an athlete do.....?" 


So, I threw on some leggings, a t-shirt and my shoes, grabbed my ipod shuffle and went out the door and walked/jogged a mile in 16:58.  Not great time....but I am so glad I made the effort.


The fitness challenge is a sprint triathlon.  It is a little different in that you run a 5K first, then bike 12 miles and then swim 1/4 mile in the Gulf (parallel to the shore).   I am not too worried about the swim and bike....but it's the running I'm concerned about.   I looked up the results from last year.... the winner finished in about 48 minutes!!!   I can barely do a 5K in that amount of time!!!   I also noticed the last people came in around 1:50:00.....  So.....if I can run it in 40-45 in 45 minutes....swim in 20..... I might not be very last..but close to it.   I don't even know how long it would take me to bike 12 miles.... or swim 1/4 mile!!!!  I better get busy figuring that out!!!


I don't care so much if I'm last, I just want to finish....but I worry about being the last biker out on the course....will they still have the roads blocked, or will I be on my own?  That really is my biggest concern.  Maybe that's just silly.......


Anyway..... one step at a time!

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