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Happy Birthday to me.....!

Posted by SharynLS on Mar 23, 2010 7:37:54 PM

I am now 41!  Woot Woot!


My birthday started at 1am on Sat. morning.... my 4 yo daughter woke up vomiting...poor thing.  I was up with her for a while then and then again at 4am.  I had planned on going for a run that morning...but slept in instead. 


I still got out the door, weighed in at PWLC (233 still) and went to the hair salon.  I got an amazing cut and color and felt like a million bucks!   I went home and checked in on hubby and munchkin.  She had a fever, but hadn't thrown up anymore.


I then went to one of my favorite outdoor malls with a good friend and bought some new clothes at CJ Banks.  4 months ago I was wearing a size 22 pant...I bought a pair of size 18 capris!!  We then had dinner at Stir Crazy and headed to church.


Sunday...I got up and wogged a mile in 16:58...sheesh!    Baby girl was feeling much better, so we piled into the car and spent the day on Sanibel Island.  It was great...until it started pouring rain in the afternoon.


Yesterday I substituted and then tutored until 5:30...LONG DAY!

Today I substitued, weighed in at PWLC (232....20 pounds with them in 4 months!), then came home ate dinner, sat for a while and then wogged 1 1/2 miles in 24:22.  I could have pushed myself more...but was afraid it was too soon after dinner.


I am substituting the rest of the week and have some more tutoring as well.  We are leaving at the crack of crazy Saturday morning to drive to VA for our spring break.  I still have a lot of laundry and packing to do!!


We will be staying in Richmond with my in-laws and they have a stationary bike in their guest room!   They also live in a secluded community with a nice long circular loop through the neighborhood.  It should be good for my wogging...but here in FL, everything is flat.....their neighborhood is very hilly.  Should be interesting!


I am hoping to go for a run Thursday after school and tutoring...but we will see......

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