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1/4 mile swim...

Posted by SharynLS on Apr 7, 2010 6:45:18 PM

I went to the aquatic center for the first time today.  My husband wasn't sure why I needed to pay to swim there, when our condo has a pool.  When I explained that navigating around the 'older' folks with noodles didn't make a great workout, he understood.


I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the pool is a salt water pool!  I am not a big fan of chemicals and chlorine.  I met some lovely ladies that swim there almost every day and they were thrilled to 'show me the ropes'.


The pool length is 25m, so I wanted to time myself swimming 8 laps.  I did the 8 laps without stopping and did them in 17:37.  I didn't try to swim too fast because I haven't swum that much recently and I didn't want to die halfway through.  I can definitely improve that time.  I actually swam the last 4 laps quicker than the first four, as I was feeling comfortable.  I am looking forward to doing more swimming there and increasing my endurance and getting faster.


One thing that someone pointed out to me is that since my Sprint Tri is in reverse order....fatigue might be an issue during the swim.  They encouraged me to also work on upper body strength, since my legs will be tired out from the run and bike.....something to think about adding to my training.


Another bonus today was pointed out to me by Jo Ann.  For some reason, I thought the bike portion was 12 miles....and couldn't figure out how people were completing that portion in 30 minutes or less...!  Turns out the bike portion is a 15K....9.3 miles.  I feel much better about that now!!


My goal is to just finish the race......but I think it helps me figure out some time goals to shoot for.


Double bonus.... I just now found out I won a trivia question contest on Facebook and won two ticket to see Chita Rivera Friday night at The Phil!!! just need to find a babysitter....

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