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Posted by SharynLS on Apr 16, 2010 8:27:53 AM

Whenever I think I have things figured out....they change!!!


I had joined a fitness center and had worked up a training plan to do while my daughter is in pre-school.  NOW.....I find out that I will be taking over for a teacher and substituting starting on Monday until the end of the year...May 26th.


Don't get me wrong...I am thrilled for the opportunity to teach and make some money.... I just have NO idea how I am going to fit in the training plans I made up.  This is where I need to be flexible.


On Wed. I went to the fitness center and walked/jogged for 30 minutes (1.7miles), rode the stationary bike for 15 minutes (3.8 miles) and swam 1/4 miles (15:26).   I am feeling more confident about the bike and swim portion of the sprint tri...but am still concerned about my endurance on the 5K.


I haven't joined the tri club and I still haven't signed up for the 5K on May 2nd.   I looked up last year's race and there were only a handful of people with times of 45 minutes or longer.  It looks like a fast crowd.  If I did do it....I would definintely be in danger of coming in last (which has happened before).  Maybe that would be enough motivation to really get out there and push myself!


I am going to either have to get up way early in the morning to run while my hubby is still home....or work out some times in the evenings.  I have two days where I tutor until 5:30 and by the time I get home, fix dinner and get my kiddo to is dark.  I need to check and see what time the fitness center closes.  Hopefully it is open later than 9pm.....


I can tell I am going to have to become quite organized to get all my teaching duties and mommy/wife duties done and still have time to train.

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