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One Step At A Time....

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Spring Break

Posted by SharynLS Apr 6, 2010

My husband and daughter were out of school last week for Spring Break, so we headed up to VA to stay with his parents.  We had a great time!  We went to D.C., Williamsburg ...etc.   I had planned to ride my in-laws stationary bike every day....


That didn't happen.  I only rode it twice.  I was active though....we did a lot of walking and my eating was good.  I only had a few pieces of Easter Candy....


Today I went and signed up for a one month pass at a nearby county fitness center.  I can go to any fitness center/aquatic center in the county with my pass for the next month!!  After I paid for it, I was on the treadmill for 30 minutes....and went 1.6 miles.  My shins were starting to I didn't push myself very much.  Not sure what to do about that.


I then rode a stationary bike for 30 minutes and went 6.9 miles.   I was thinking I could go 8 miles in 30 minutes....I really have no idea what a good pace is.


For the Sprint Triathlon (which is exactly 2 months from today!!!)  I was thinking I wanted to do the 5K in 45 minutes or less, the 12mile bike ride in 45 minutes and then the 1/4 mile swim in the Gulf in 15-20 minutes, which would have me finishing the whole thing in under 2 hours.     I need to find out if the 12 miles in 45 minutes is realistic for my fitness level...


Tomorrow, I am going to the aquatic center and time myself swimming 400m.  It's a 25m, 8 laps.   It will be interesting to see how I do.  I have always been a good swimmer and am comfortable in the water...but not sure how my endurance is.


Still hoping to find a workout buddy!!!

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I'm commited now....

Posted by SharynLS Mar 18, 2010

I did it!!!


I registered and paid for my entry into the 24th annual Naples Fitness Challenge!!!  It is on June 6th.... so I have only 2 1/2 months to get ready!!


I feel like my mindset has changed....every day is important and counts!  At dinner tonight (at Chili's), I found myself asking "What would an athlete eat.....?"   I've not ever seen myself as an athlete, but now that I've signed up for this.... I am seeing my life a bit differently.    I chose a salad with grilled shrimp, pineapple, mandarin oranges and napa cabbage with a "guiltless" dressing.  ( I have to eat as an insulin resistant, carb sensitive, pre-diabetic athlete )


When I got home, it was getting late and I had a bag of excuses I could have used to not go for a run:   I just ate dinner, I had a very long day teaching and tutoring, my 4 year old daughter needs to get to bed, it's getting dark, it's kind of get the idea.  But again, I asked "What would an athlete do.....?" 


So, I threw on some leggings, a t-shirt and my shoes, grabbed my ipod shuffle and went out the door and walked/jogged a mile in 16:58.  Not great time....but I am so glad I made the effort.


The fitness challenge is a sprint triathlon.  It is a little different in that you run a 5K first, then bike 12 miles and then swim 1/4 mile in the Gulf (parallel to the shore).   I am not too worried about the swim and bike....but it's the running I'm concerned about.   I looked up the results from last year.... the winner finished in about 48 minutes!!!   I can barely do a 5K in that amount of time!!!   I also noticed the last people came in around 1:50:00.....  So.....if I can run it in 40-45 in 45 minutes....swim in 20..... I might not be very last..but close to it.   I don't even know how long it would take me to bike 12 miles.... or swim 1/4 mile!!!!  I better get busy figuring that out!!!


I don't care so much if I'm last, I just want to finish....but I worry about being the last biker out on the course....will they still have the roads blocked, or will I be on my own?  That really is my biggest concern.  Maybe that's just silly.......


Anyway..... one step at a time!

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The first step...

Posted by SharynLS Mar 14, 2010

My name is Sharyn and I am a 40 year old Stay-At-Home-Mom.  I have a 4 year old daughter and a wonderful husband. Before I had my daughter, I was a Jr. High and High School math and science teacher.  Now, I just substitute and tutor.


I never had a weight problem until after I was married almost 19 years ago.  I struggled with infertility and finally was gifted with our miracle child.  Before her birth, I was diagnosed as Hypo-glycemic and ended up developing Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy.


Last October, I weighed in at 258lbs.  (I'm 5 foot 9) and was feeling depressed, fatigued, hopeless....   I made an appointment with an Endocrinologist and started doing the Zone diet on my own.  By the time my appointment rolled around on Nov. 9th, I had lost around 8 pounds.  After lab work and a thyroid ultrasound, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, vitamin D deficient and having 6 nodules on my thyroid ( which a biopsy showed to be non-cancerous) on Dec. 1st.  I was prescribed Metformin and to take vitamin D supplements.


On Dec. 2nd, I signed up with Physician's Weight Loss Center and started a low carb diet.  3 months later, I had follow up labs.  My insulin was down from 28 to 10.5, my fasting blood sugar was down from 113 to 106 and my vitamin D levels were in the normal range.  I am still taking the Metformin to continue to lower my blood sugar to below 100.   My weight is now 233lbs!!



Before I got pregnant with my daughter, I started training with a few friends for a sprint triathlon.  As I would have been 8 months pregnant at race time.... I didn't do it.   I had told myself that I would do a sprint trialthon before I was 40.  In 2008, I did three 5Ks...with my PR being 49:45.  I went and watched a sprint triathlon...but that is as close as I got.


I am 40 and will be 41 next week (3/20)


About 5 weeks ago, I decided that I would register for a Spring Triathlon in my town that will take place on June 6th.  Registration opens tomorrow... (3/15)  Hopefully, I will have the nerve to go through with the registration.


5 weeks ago, I also started the C25K program with a friend.  Two weeks into it, I started experiencing severe pain in my right foot.  After x-rays and an ultrasound, I found out that I was experiencing a flare-up of arthritis in my right big toe joint.  I was given a shot of cortisone and told to rest it for a week and then I could get back to training.  So I did....


Yesterday (3/13) I completed a 5K.  I am still trying to figure out what my official time was.  I really wanted to beat my PR of 49:45... but I'm not sure that I did.


I did the first mile in 13:30 and completed the second mile a little under 30 minutes....right on track for a new PR.  Then around 2.5 miles... I got naseous and chilled and had to slow down considerably.  I think I went through the finish line around the end of minute 48 or the beginning of minute 49.   A friend made me go to the medic tent, because she said my color wasn't good and I was cold and clammy with no sweat.  The medic said heat exhaustion...but I am wondering if it wasn't due to blood sugar or meds. or just plain lack of training or dehydration...  After a few bottles of water and some rest, I was ok.


I went out this afternoon, walked for 5 minutes and then jogged 1 minute, walked 1 1/2 minutes...etc for 20 minutes.  Back to W1D1.  I stretched a lot...but I am very stiff and sore.


I was planning on registering for a 5K on April 10th... but am wondering if 4 weeks will be enough time to train for it.  I think I am just going to sign up and then walk/jog it the best I can.


Tomorrow:  sign up for the Sprint Triathlon, do the Wii Fit upper body workout and HYDRATE!!!  G doesn't have school tomorrow, I tutor in the morning for an hour, then we might go walk the 2.6 mile boardwalk at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.  Girl's Night Out at PF Chang's!!!




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