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Posted by Shortlegs1 Nov 8, 2010

As most runner’s know, post-workout recovery is the key to  consistent practice and not getting hurt.   I can’t emphasize how  important this is.  So what do most runner’s do….? They don’t eat or  drink properly.  So here is a really simple guide to recovery:



As a rule of thumb, you want to finish a workout with no more than  about  2% body weight loss, and certainly no weight gain. Weight loss in   excess of 2% signals performance decline.  Drink a pint of water per  pound loss or 16 ounces.  So whatever you lose, simply replenish. Simple  and Easy.



When you begin a workout or race, your body uses your carbohydrate  storage (glycogen) for the first hour to 90 minutes.  As your stores of  muscle glycogen become depleted, your  body switches over to burning fat  reserves along with carbohydrates and  protein consumed during  exercise.

So if you don’t replenish after a workout, your next workout will  really suffer.  Studies have linked pre-workout glycogen levels to  workout or race performance.  Here is the key, you have only roughly  30-45 minutes after you take your last step of your workout until  carbohydrates are absorbed and replenish your storage.  So the quicker,  the better.


3- Protein

Carbohydrates can’t do it alone. They need a friend to help you  recover.  Protein will help rebuild stressed muscles, give the carbs a  helping hand in re-storing glycogen, and help maintain your immunity.   This essential to having good workouts on a daily basis.


4- Anti-oxidants

Our bodies need antioxidants to protect us from the damaging effects   of free radicals. Free radicals (of which there are several types) are   unstable atoms or molecules, usually of oxygen, containing at least one   unpaired electron. Free Radicals will destroy tissue, cells, and  anything else in sight.


Dr. Bill Misner  writes:

“Oxygen has the capacity to be both friend and foe. When   energy fuels are metabolized in the presence of O2, 5% of them create   molecules that contain an odd number of electrons. If free radicals are   not neutralized by on–site antioxidant body stores immediately, tissue   damage occurs to absolutely every cell membrane touched by these   imbalanced molecular wrecking machines. Some theorize soreness and   stiffness result because free radicals and waste metabolites build up   during either prolonged or intense exercise. The more volume oxygen that   passes into our physiology for energy fuel metabolism, the more   increased free radical–fatigue symptoms may be experienced.”

The key is keep it simple so you can stick to it and  BALANCED.  The more disciplined and balanced your routine and recovery  are, the more success you will have.

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