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Getting Started

Posted by SlogOn Jul 31, 2010

My heart was racing, palms sweating & my mouth felt like it was stuffed full of rags. With steely determination, I fixed my eyes on the goal... the mailbox at the end of the long stretch of road. I had to get there, I had to DO IT! Yup, I had to walk briskly to the box, then launch myself into a 60 second, slow jog before my first walk interval of 90 seconds. Eight times... it couldn't be that bad... could it? And at the end of it it actually wasn't too bad at all. In fact as I thought about on my walk back home, it was pretty pathetic. I had no business being proud of being able to run 8 slow little intervals of 60 seconds.


I wasn't really sure why I'd decided to run my way to some level of fitness. I'd run before in my life. It had never been fun, enjoyable, satisfying. To be blunt - it sucked. Running in basic training under the eagle eyes of military PT  instructors who looked as though they ironed their quads & starched their gluts; who barked out the old: "No pain no gain!" and "Pain is weakness leaving the body!" I remember thinking I must be a whole lot weaker than I could have ever imagined. Somehow I survived but vowed never to run again unless it was to sprint for a bus.


So what was I doing out there starting not just a one time attempt, but a running program? What could this possibly do for an almost 50 year old, depressed, underweight smoker with a lousy attitude to life? Why running, why something I'd formerly hated? A big part of the reason was coming across the C25K program & don't remember how or when & reading the forums. Runners there, even those who'd barely started made it sound attainable. They even managed to make it sound FUN. That didn't make sense. Some of them admitted to carrying 100+ extra pounds or close to it & running was... FUN??? I remember dry heaves, gagging, power puking. That's FUN? What was I missing?


I launched into a reading program of sorts, scanning for & reading anything I could find about beginner running. And I discovered running had changed. No pain, no gain was gone. Going as hard as you can as often as you can didn't exist. Everything I read spoke of starting slowly, walking if you have to, then adding small bits of running here & there. Hey, I can do that! Over time, add a bit of running, a bit less walking - just go really slowly & don't kill yourself. I'm all for that! I carefully read the C25K program. I didn't look too long at anything past week 2 - too scary. But surely I could handle the first few weeks? I didn't have much to lose; a bit of embarassment maybe, a few sore muscles.


My doctor told me it was a good idea to start exercising BEFORE quitting smoking; it would give me something new & healthy to focus on. It would help my depression. It would possibly help me gain weight as it might ignite an appetite in me. It couldn't hurt. I passed a check up, started on a mild antidepressant, got a lab req. for bloodwork & a date for a follow up appointment. Now...


I was on my own.


And nervous. I wanted instant results. I started picturing myself triumphantly crossing a finish line, impressing s[ectators with my awesome time for my age category. Panting with exertion, I saw myself being interviewed by the local media. All before I'd trotted a single step.


I had to figure out what I wanted from running - millions of $$$ was clearly out of the picture & it would't regress me to age 25, nor would it make me gorgeous. So what DID I want? I wasn't & still am not entirely sure but I had & have some ideas.


It's extra motivation to quit smoking. I want to, I REALLY want to be first be able to run 30 minutes straight, then 5k, then... who knows? I want to put on 15 pounds. Depression sucks; if running can help, I'm willing to try. I want more energy; heck, I want it all. I think. We'll see. Most importantly, I really, really want to STICK with something.


I have problems with that. I'm great at starting things but rarely last more than a week. I'm too impatient & often to my shame, too lazy to put in the effort needed. I had behind excuses - not enough time, too hot, too cold, too this, too that. The truth is, I expect too much too quickly & when I 'fail' to live up to my own absurd expectations, I quit in disgust.


So this time, I've dialed back the expectations. Oh, they're still lurking in my brain but I can generally beat them back by swatting at them with old running shoes. That's easier when I'm out running & doing a lot of gasping. The newbie that staggers, eyes rolling & chest heaving, up a tiny little incline, is hardly likely to breeze effortlessly through a 10k by next spring.


The biggest lesson I have to learn right now is to keep things small & simple. Big goals are more easily attained in small steps... or so I'm told. So... get off the cigarettes, stick to the program. Don't quit. Don't overthink it. Just do it & trust that at some point, I won't feel like a bumbling idiot slogging through some self made hell.

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