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My young son has played soccer for 3 years now and my whole family has really fallen in love with the sport. Both my husband and I are from the East Coast where American football is the name of the game. But Zeke's foray into soccer has really made us fans. This is our first World Cup and we can’t get enough of it. Definitely thrilled to see the US hold their own for a while after such a long losing streak. Soccer players are incredible athletes. My son is inspired and I've even put together an over 40 soccer Moms league. I wish I started to play when I was much younger that's for sure. In my new found obsession for the game, I found a great app for my iPhone called HearPlanet that you can download for free. They have audio on places all over the world and I’ve had a blast finding out about the World Cup Stadiums and everything to see around Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and the other beautiful areas of South Africa. I can listen to it in the car or when I go out for a run and I almost feel like I’m there. Yeah, I wish! Maybe in four years. Anyway here’s the link. Check it out.

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