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Posted by TNLisa Sep 15, 2011

Two weeks into my journey towards good health, I face a setback.  I went to my second doctor appointment this week (I have a third doctor to see tomorrow).  He said I need sinus surgery.  There are two parts to this setback.  I have been struggling to get to the gym because I don't feel well and don't breathe well when I am there.  After working with the personal trainer and some of the classes, I have been sore.  So the first part of the setback is that I cannot have any NSAIDS from now until the surgery.  I have been to the gym 7 times in 15 days and I think I have needed NSAIDS after at least 5 of the visits!  The second part is that I cannot do any exercise for a week after the surgery, possibly two weeks depending on my recovery. I am determined to continue to stretch and do some aerobic exercise but I am going to be more cautious to avoid sore muscles.  I am clinging to the vision of me able to breathe deeply and feel energetic after the surgery!

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Mental Toughness

Posted by TNLisa Sep 13, 2011

This morning I have an appointment to meet my mother and her personal trainer for a session at the gym.  I should be grateful for this wonderful opportunity.  Instead I find myself thinking I am going to be soooo sore tomorrow.  I don't know if I will ever be one of "those" people who looks forward to going to the gym.  I do know I have to go if I want to be successful in losing weight and getting healthy.  So I am really working on developing some mental toughness--that talk inside my head that wants to say "I can't do this" but needs to say "You are investing in yourself" or "You have conquered many things in life, YOU CAN DO THIS!"  So if you see me at the gym and I'm muttering to myself, you'll know why.

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The Beginning

Posted by TNLisa Sep 12, 2011

I have never enjoyed exercise.  I have always been uncoordinated --the last person picked for a team at school.  But after being diagnosed with several health issues, I realized I have to make getting healthy a priority.  Many years ago I had ulcers, six to be exact.  While I was able to modify my diet enough and take medication to heal the ulcers, my lifestyle, type A personality and career as an air traffic controller made it difficult to stay healthy.  I ended up with IBS.  Then a few years later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  It slows my metabolism and even with proper treatment makes it difficult to lose weight.  Now, my obese body has taken a toll on my feet and I have plantar fasciitis.


I have made the decision to retire from my career and make getting healthy my priority.  I am determined to eat better and move more. This blog will be my journey.

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After years of health issues, getting fit is now my number one priority. This blog will tell the story of my journey.

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