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The Beginning

Posted by TNLisa on Sep 12, 2011 6:08:05 AM

I have never enjoyed exercise.  I have always been uncoordinated --the last person picked for a team at school.  But after being diagnosed with several health issues, I realized I have to make getting healthy a priority.  Many years ago I had ulcers, six to be exact.  While I was able to modify my diet enough and take medication to heal the ulcers, my lifestyle, type A personality and career as an air traffic controller made it difficult to stay healthy.  I ended up with IBS.  Then a few years later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  It slows my metabolism and even with proper treatment makes it difficult to lose weight.  Now, my obese body has taken a toll on my feet and I have plantar fasciitis.


I have made the decision to retire from my career and make getting healthy my priority.  I am determined to eat better and move more. This blog will be my journey.

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After years of health issues, getting fit is now my number one priority. This blog will tell the story of my journey.

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