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Sign up now!!    One Sopt left in 14U!! Still time to register for 8U,10U, 16 Need 10U and waitlist started for 12 - 7th Annual Summer Classic - Play at Dyess Park May 15-17 by Tbanz tournament 2 days ago
Texas Intruders 14U are looking for a Bracket Pitcher by Tbanz 14u 1 week ago
Come join us for the 7th Annual Summer Classic May 15-17th at Dyess Park. by Tbanz 14u, tournament;, 8u;10u;12u;, cypress_texas; 2 months ago
(Updated) Texas Starz 2000 Open Practice 8/14 6:30 pm at Dyess by Tbanz 14u, tryout, cypress, 14u_softball 8 months ago
12U Texas STARZ are holding tryouts 10/10 & 10/11. After a 5th place finish at USSSA Nationals we are looking forward to a strong 2013/2014 season. by Tbanz 1 year ago
Texas Starz 2000 (12U)- Tryouts January 12th and 19th by Tbanz softball, fastpitch, texas, houston, pitcher, 3rd, tryouts, 12u, short, cypress, stop, infielder, baseman 2 years ago
Texas Starz 12U looking for one bracket pitcher to complete rotation by Tbanz 12u, cypress_texas, bracket_pitcher 2 years ago
12U Texas Starz Looking for Bracket Pitcher and Utility Infielder by Tbanz texas, tryouts, cypress, utility/infielder, 12u-fastpitch-softball, bracket_pitcher 2 years ago
12U Cy-Fair Starz Final Tryout 8/18 @ noon by Tbanz fastpitch, pitcher, bracket, 12u, catcher;, cypress;, select;, 12u;tournament;, starz;, ;girls; 2 years ago
12U Cy Fair Starz Bracket Pitcher and Catcher Needed by Tbanz pitcher;, catcher;, 12u;, tryouts;, texas;, cypress;, pitch;, starz;, pitcher_catcher_wanted; 2 years ago
12U Cy Fair Starz Open Tryouts August 11th and 18th by Tbanz 2 years ago