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A s I decided to contribute another post to my blog a few moments ago, it dawned on me that for a man who used to internally mock anyone over 18 that spent time in online communities like Facebook and My Space, I'm sure logged into this community a lot.  Sure, may be a much cooler place to be than the aforementioned web spaces, but it's an online community nonetheless.   Hmm....let's just say that the hand that I'm not using to type is holding a large shoe that I just removed from my mouth.  See, I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong.  Well, it's not my favorite pastime, but I'll do it every now and again just to say I do it.  Just kidding.  Or maybe I'm not.


Anyhow, the new is pretty sweet.  Not that the old "bubble" landing page wasn't great, in 1977, but "A2" is in its own league.  It looks nice, has lot's of great content and functionality and best of all, everything on it is based around sports and the people who love to participate in them.  Sort of like with more of a community feel to it.  Well, maybe I'll stop short of the ESPN comparison. is more like for endurance athletes, which the mirror tells me I am not (anyone who has seen me in the past year will be nodding their head in agreement rather strongly when they read this.  Ok, you can stop nodding now.).  My self-given mission now, armed with the power of my almighty blog that millions of people are surely reading (more like 1, if I'm lucky),

is to get some team sports athletes to become members of the community, so I don't get run out of town, or just plain ignored, because I don't like endurance sports.  Yes, I said it again and I'll say it one more time.  I don't like endurance sports.  So if you like team sports, any team sport will do at this early stage of my mission, make some noise with me.  Reply to my blog posts.  Create your own obnoxious blog.  Do whatever you have to do to make yourself known.  Let's represent and rebel against the establishment, er community, that is

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Team Sports Rule

Posted by Tfree Jul 2, 2007

I'm going to risk life and limb here by saying this, but I sure don't like endurance "sports".  I mean, what is the point of running,  without a ball, until you get shin splints or your ankles deteriorate?  Sure, many will argue that it's about conquering your mind and perservering when you participate in an endurance sport, but I'd argue that it's just thoughtless activity that can actually be bad for your health.  Controlling a soccerr ball, knocking down a 20 ft. jumper, memorizing a 300 page playbook AND executing it to perfection; those are true tests of fitness and intelligence.  Don't get me wrong, it takes an incredible combination of mental fortitude and physical fitness to run a marathon, bike a century, complete an Ironman, etc., but  what's the point?  If you ask me, there isn't one, except to act as an outlet for those who can't handle a ball.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get busy changing my address and looking for a new job because I sure as heck can't run from all you endurance freeks.

674 Views 0 Comments Permalink Tags: running, basketball, football, soccer, baseball exactly how I feel about the U.S. Men's National Team right now after their 3-1 loss to Paraguay.  There was a time not so long ago that the U.S. would have been expected to lose to any South American team, but not now.  The bar has been set higher than tonight's display of futility would indicate.  After all, it was only last summer that we played eventual WC champion Italy to a very credible 1-1 draw.  Yet today, we showed what a truly mediocre national side we are.  What's most disapointing is not that we lost, but how we lost.  Lot's of possession, decent passing and typically American finishing, which is to say no finishing at all.  For God's sake!  I could have slotted my Nana into a few of those opportunities and she could have delivered at least once....and she's 98 and blind (bless her).  Ahhh!  Looks like "Project 2010" is a little off track.  Actually, I'm not even sure the there is a track anymore.  The team's riding the little bus; destination AYSO.  We'll be lucky to win a game at the 2010 WC in South Africa, much less get out of our group.  When does Football season start, again?

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