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The beauty of Ice Baths

Posted by Timeyo Nov 10, 2008

My volume for training during this winter break has started to increase and saturday I had a bike and a run which I hadn't done since training for my first triathlon. Needless to say, my legs and knees were feeling it at the end of the session. So I got back, I stretched but still my legs and especially my knees were already showing signs that they were going to be hurting soon enough...

So following the advice of a friend of mine before this week I sat in an empty tub with my bowl of hot soup and recovery fluid of choice... water beside the tube and opened the cold water faucet. Yeah... water was cold...duhhhhhh right! Anyway, when the water got to about waist height and covered my thighs I poured in a bag of ice. Yeah why would I do such a thing?... because 20 minutes later I got out of the tub with cold/numb feet, knees and legs. As I took my first step... my knees smiled at me and said... SOOO WHATS NEXT?

AWESOME! This begins a regular routine for me for my long days. If you don't make use of ice baths already as part of your training, I highly recommend it.


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First week of training

Posted by Timeyo Nov 7, 2008

Feels good to be back in the mix of things. I just realized that my 4 mile run last night was the first time I had ran further than a mile since the triathlon on October 4th. So I was very worried about how my body would take it but so far so good. A little sore but not bad. Up until my training for the first tri, I had never ran further than 4 miles and managed to get up to 6 miles before all was said and done. I was just looking at my training schedule and anxious about the 13 miles that I will have to be able to cover by the end of this winter on a long run.






I think I am going to have to join a masters swim program to get my swimming up to par technique etc. Sucks that it is winter so group rides around here are virtually none existant. I hear riding with a pack that you may end up being dropped, is the ultimate motivator on the bike. Should be interesting but I at least have managed to find a tri club here in town that I like. I am going to join Atlanta Tri-Club. Should be good for me.



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Santa Rosa Island Triathlon

Posted by Timeyo Nov 6, 2008

I felt great on my first tri and it was definately a learning experience. I found out that I could have swam harder and cycled harder and not not have affected my run too much. I underestimated myself but was happy with reaching my goal which was not only finishing but get my run in under 25 minutes and 30 seconds.
I have attached a few pictures from the race.


600 yard open swim: 18:26 minutes
T1: 1:49 minutes
Bike(18 miles): 1:03:47
T2: 1:17
Run(5K): 25:27

I came 20th in my age group 30-34.


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Little Background

Posted by Timeyo Nov 6, 2008

I completed my first Triathlon in Pensacola Florida back October 4th 2008. It was the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon which was a 600 yard swim, 18 mile Bike ride and a 5K. I had a blast and was very proud of how I did. I hadn't done anything of the sort ever although about 15 years ago I ran track, played rugby, and cricket in High School. Since then I have dabbled in Rugby until about 3 years ago then just spent time in the gym lifting and getting bored.

A friend of mine had just completed a half ironman and I thought he was crazy. He mentioned sprint triathlons and that got me thinking so approximately 3 months ago I decided to sign up for a triathlon and get a training schedule and go for it. I managed to find a generic training plan on trinewbies website and started training 11 weeks before the race.

Swimming: I hadn't really swam since high school and even then not competitively, just for fun and for carnivals at school. So when I tried to swim 50 yards the first swim day... ummmmm yeaaahhhhhhh... I thought I was asthmatic!

Running: I could handle the running just fine to start with so I upped the mileage from the jump.. slow but distance I added some.

Biking: I hadn't rode a bike since high school so yeah. I was fortunate enough to buy an 80's rode bike from a coworker of mine that had just gone through a divorce and the bike had been sitting for 2 years. So after about $100 worth of repairs and new rubber... I was set.


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