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Jonathan Hot in Miami and Cold in Virginia?

Posted by TriFitRacing on Mar 2, 2009 10:59:49 AM


I got back from my trip to Miami, Lauderdale and Tampa this past week. I was able to get a 10k run at Lauderdale beach, going north along A1A. Then a half marathon along Bayshore Dr in Tampa later in the week. It was a nice change of weather and scenery from my winter workouts here in Leesburg, VA. Both runs in Florida had me in shorts and a t-shirt with a nice sweat going, compared to my road and mountain bike rides over the weekend. Sunday morning 10am, 30 degrees warm, I join the crew from[Trails End Cycling|] in Purcellville, VA for a 38 mile road ride. Compared to my Florida running gear a few days earlier I had put on every warm layer of clothing I could find that morning. The owner, John, hosts a Sunday morning ride and thanks to Mike showing me some crazy hills I soon found my sweat.


As a business traveler I try to not let my schedule slow down my training. I found throwing the in my bag, I can run anywhere and with the winter days at home it allows me to log some miles in some great cities. I had always used my Nike Plus to track the miles and this last trip I carried my Garmin GPS I use on my bikes to record the routes. The only drawback was I had to hold it the in my hand. I am now in search of a Garmin or Suunto "watch" style GPS I can strap on.  



I am headed to Denver next week and will hopefully get to run downtown along the river. The only catch is I might have to bring my winter gear. I will use the Garmin again and will upload the runs next weekend.



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