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Tri Fit Racing

March 16, 2009

The IT Band is one of the leading causes of lateral knee pain in runners. The iliotibial tract is a superficial thickening of tissue on the outside of the thigh, extending from the outside of the pelvis, over the hip and knee, and inserting just below the knee.


I had problems last year with my left knee but now it was my right knee. I did a 14 mile run Wednesday in Atlanta and my IT Band went crazy. The 5.5 mile Ex2 trail race Sunday was more than it could take. After 3.5 miles of running the technical hills at Hemlock Overlook park was too much. I was reduced to a walk and finished at the back of the pack. One comforting thing as all the runners were passing me, almost everyone asked if I was okay or needed anything. One lady offered to carry me if I needed it.


I had been so busy working on the left IT, I never did much with the right side. The folks at Potomac River Running had sent me up with a form roll and The Stick last time. I broke them out after the race and got to work stretching the bad IT Band. Marcus sent me this great YouTube link showing how to work on it. Ex2Adventure Race #2 Results:



Finished: 54:48



Overall: 78 of 191



Men: 62 of 103



Age Group: 24 or 44



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