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  It was a great weekend for my first Duathlon of the season. I completed the USAT  National OffroadSaturday, 11k trail run, 26k mountain bike, and a 5k trail run. I had done this event last year but did the Sport distance. I finished the championship distance using it as a tune up for the Florida Half Ironmannext month. I could not have been happier with my performance. I will need to make some adjustments for the heat. It was 98 degrees in Richmond and I was not fully prepared with fluids and nutrition. I did not have enough fuel and going from the bike to the final run, I was fighting leg cramps most of the way.



This was my first opportunity to race on the Trek Fuel Ex 9.8. It was amazingly fast and the climbing ability made a huge difference. When other racers were stalling on the uphills, I was able to ride past them. It seemed like all I had to do was turn the pedals and hold on! I can not wait to get some more ride time on the Fuel Ex in hopes of doing even better at the Richmond Xterra.



I used the Suunto t6cand Comfort Belt to track my run, bike, run duathlon. The Foot POD was clipped on my trail shoes and the Bike POD mounted on the Trek Fuel. It seamlessly tracked my speed and distance switching between the runs and bike. I did not check my heart rate during the race but will review it using the Training Manager software to better understand my performance.



The heat did take a toll on me. I will let the finish line picture tell the story. I told myself I would still rather be running through the woods of Browns Island in 98 degree heat then weighing 355 lbs. It was a great day and a great race.



Results:Finish - 2:59:31, Overall - 25 of 94, Men - 24 of 72,  Age Group 9 of 20



USAT Offroad Duathlon 26k Mountain Bike Course Map. This is much of the same course for the Xterra Richmond



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!!I picked up the new Trek Fuel Ex 9.8this weekend. Spokes Etc in Ashburn help me get it setup and dialed in the suspension. I got a few quick miles but will spend most of the coming week logging some long rides. I am scheduled to race in the USAT Duathlon Offroad National Championshipsthis weekend as a Age Grouper in Richmond, VA.



USAT Duathlon Offroad National Championships



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Had a great race today. More than just a personal best run time. I enjoyed being part of something much bigger than one person. 13.1 miles in 1:38:24.



Going into the race my plan was to run a 8:30 per mile and let the miles roll by. I was able to stick with the plan until the half way point at which time my competitive drive took over. There is something about people in front of me that make me go fast. I kept checking the Suunto t6c and before I knew it I was running 7:30 per mile.



Finish 1:39:24, new personal best in the Half Marathon.!!



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The Van Metre Run for Childrens Hospitalwas the first race I ran ever. It was a year and I still remember lining up that morning cold Virginia spring morning. I was weighing in at 250 lbs. My only expectation was to finish middle of the pack.  I finished the race last year 235 of 577 overall. I was using the race to learn and get ready for the Xterra offroad triathlontwo months later. I was learning about pacing myself, where to pin my bib, and where to position myself at the starting line.



This year I was going back to see how much my running had improved. I knew after a winter of training for my first marathon my running had come a long way. I was feeling good lining up this raining Virginia spring morning. I was weighting in at 193 lbs, 55 pounds lost in the year.  My goal was to run a 7:30 per mile and make sure my IT Banddid not give me any problems. I finished 43 of 493 overall. With each passing mile I was feeling strong and continue to pick up the pace. I was using my Suunto t6cto track my pace. Imagine my surprise when I looked down to found I was running a 6:50 per mile with the last mile being 6:35 per mile pace. This was a new personal best for me in the 5 mile and the 1 mile.


Results 2009: Finish: 34:39, Overall: 43 of 493, Men: 38 of 253, Age Group: 12 of 95 Results 2008: Finish: 41:23, Overall:235 of 577, Men: 179 of 320, Age Group: 67 of 114

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I am excited to announce Trek will support my training and racing cycling needs. I will continue to use a Trek Madonefor my road bike and I will use a Trek Fuel EX 9.8 for my mountain bike. Both bikes are made in the USA at the Wisconsin Trek Factory using OCLV Black Carbon. Trek's high-performance carbon fiber, OCLV Black employs intermediate modulus carbon fiber and time-tested lay-up schedules.


The Madonerepresents the most technologically advanced road bikes Trek has ever made. They're designed to meet the demands of hardcore racers, weekend warriors, speed-junkies looking for the fastest, most balanced performance road bike on the market.


The Fuel Ex 9.8 carbon-framed transforms an already light and nimble machine into a lighter, stiffer, more agile bike with Trek-engineered technologies. Whether you need an epic multi-day race machine or just an all-around trail bike, the latest technologies, including ABP, Full Floater, EVO link, E2 and "XV" canister shock, allowing you to ride in comfort and push your limits.


I started mountain biking the second year of my weight loss adventure after losing 50 lbs with my diet going from 355 lbs to 300 lbs. I was feeling confident in my progress and wanted to add exercise. I can honestly say "biking saved my life". I found something I love to do and as a result I continued to lose weight. Biking made me want to go workout and be involved in the cycling community.



Trek is people committed to changing lives through cycling. Who strive to enhance the riding experience worldwide through innovative products, dynamic partnerships, bicycle friendly development, and exceptional dealer and customer care.



Trek changed my life!



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I normally push myself using the "Perceive Effort" principle. I know what my training pace is and where my race pace is but come race day you always go a little fast. The Ex2 5.5 mile trail run was my first race using the Sunnto t6c, Comfort Belt, and Foot POD. I knew going into the race my street pace is a high 6 minute per mile and for the trail I was looking for a mid 7 minute per mile. The last trail race 2 weeks earlier had my IT Band, in my right knee; all twisted up and reduced me to walk. Go into this trail race I want to start a little more conservative to determine how my IT Band was feeling and then pick up the pace.



Looking at my training log, for heart rate and EPOC ([Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption)|<>cnt_id=10134198673963787&FOLDER<>folder_id=9852723697225037&bmUID=i2e6wJx] shows my heart rate slowly coming up for the first half and then a steady state at threshold, close to my max for the second. The EPOC is the amazing part for me as it matches exactly how I was feeling. I was putting it all out there the last mile and raced right to redline. When I came across the finish line, 6th in my age group, I had nothing left.



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Last weekend was the fourth and final race of the Ex2Adventures series. I ran in 3 of 4 races.  The first race I finished 3rd in my age group at Prince William Park. Then in the second race I was having IT Band problems and finished 24th at Hemlock Overlook park. I missed the third as I was schedule to run in the Van Metre 5 miler. For the fourth and final race at Wakefield Park I came back with a strong finish in 6th. I finished the series with enough points to place 8th overall for my age group.



In trail racing you see a lot of trip and falls due to the terrain. It finally happened to me in the 4th race. I was around the 2 mile mark coming up to a stream crossing, a muddy stream cross at that. Something caught my right toe and I did a huge barrel role through the mud and landed back on my feet. I had some scrap on the elbows and both calves. Other then be covered in mud and with still 2.5 miles to go I was in good shape. In the spirit of trail racing the number two point series finisher, Reggie Hall, was right behind and stopped to check on me. We never slowed down, but there was a race leader willing to take the time to help out another racer.



After losing 160 lbs, I wanted to point this out as an example of how I was able to stay focused. By being involved in a activity with a group of people working to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle has kept me motivated over the 4yrs. Reggie did not have to check on me, but is not about finishing first or last. It is about accomplishing your individual goals with a group that supports you.



Thanks to the great crew at Ex2 for putting on an outstanding event. I have raced in several of their events and will be competing in the Xterra on July 12thwhich they host in Flintstone, MD. I am already trying to work the Fall Backyard Burnseries in my schedule.  






Race 1, Prince Williams Park - Finished 40:50, Overall 12 of 212, Men 10 of 108, Age Group 3 of 37



Race 2, Hemlock Overlook Park - Finished 54:48. Overall 78 of 192, Men 44 of 103, Age Group 24 of 44



Race 4, Wakefield Park - Finished 38:47, Overall 15 of 212, Men 14 of 110, Age Group 6 of 53



Point Series - 8th



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This June 13-14, Richmond's epic outdoor adventure opportunities are on display with more than a dozen different dirt-and-river themed races. Highlighting it all is the XTERRA Atlantic Cup, the gnarliest off-road triathlon on the planet, that first made its impression here back in 1999.



Your regional championship is the XTERRA Atlantic Cup(formerly the XTERRA East Championship) at Brown's Island in downtown Richmond, VA on Sunday, June 14.



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I have been using the Suunto t6cfor a week. I mounted the Bike POD to my Trek Madoneto start. I put it on the left chain stay facing down. This allows me to use it on the trainer inside, compared to the front fork. I mounted it facing down so if it slipped into the spokes it would just be pushed back out. Compared to mounting it facing up if it hit a spoke that would be the end of either the Bike POD or spoke. So far it has worked great in this position.



The Foot POD was no problem even with my Yankz shoe lacesI use for a quick transition between the bike and run portion of the triathlons or duathlons.



I was able to get a couple of training rides and runs in using the system. I took a few tries to dial in the setting and the information I wanted to see.  It provides me everything I need right there on my wrist.



Using the Comfort Belt heart rate monitorI am able to upload the workout to the Training Managersoftware for review. Here is my training log from the week. You can easily see the TE (training effect) and determine if I am under training or over training. I am working to create a training plan and better understand how to use the Training Manager.



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1.  The average person loses 13 pounds their first year of commuting by bike.



2.  40% of all car trips in the U.S. are made within 2 miles of home.



3.  60% of the pollution created by autos happens in the first few minutes of operation, before pollution control devices can work effectively.



4.  Just 3 hours of biking per week can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%.



5.  The U.S. could save 462 million gallons of gas a year by boosting bicycle trips just half a percentage point: from 1% to 1.5% of all trips.



Information courtesy of Trek Bicycle Corporation.



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[] I am pleased to announce Suunto will be sponsoring me this year to achieve my weight loss and Triathlon goals. After working with Suunto, I am equipped with the t6c, Comfort Belt Heart rate monitor, Bike Pod, and Foot Pod. The t6c and (Peripheral Observation Devices) allow me to transition from swimming, biking, and running using one integrated system. The addition of PODs allow me to measure and record my speed and distance information enhancing the functionality of the Suunto heart rate monitor.


The Suunto Training Managersoftware will analysis my training sessions and overall progress to log workouts, track progress, highlight areas for improvement and create and update ideal training programs.



I am excited to use the Suunto t6c packageas a comprehensive solution. I have been in search of the best training system to achieve my goals and develop a training plan and Suunto fits perfect with my weight loss and training needs.



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