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I have been using the Suunto t6cfor a week. I mounted the Bike POD to my Trek Madoneto start. I put it on the left chain stay facing down. This allows me to use it on the trainer inside, compared to the front fork. I mounted it facing down so if it slipped into the spokes it would just be pushed back out. Compared to mounting it facing up if it hit a spoke that would be the end of either the Bike POD or spoke. So far it has worked great in this position.



The Foot POD was no problem even with my Yankz shoe lacesI use for a quick transition between the bike and run portion of the triathlons or duathlons.



I was able to get a couple of training rides and runs in using the system. I took a few tries to dial in the setting and the information I wanted to see.  It provides me everything I need right there on my wrist.



Using the Comfort Belt heart rate monitorI am able to upload the workout to the Training Managersoftware for review. Here is my training log from the week. You can easily see the TE (training effect) and determine if I am under training or over training. I am working to create a training plan and better understand how to use the Training Manager.



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