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Last weekend was the fourth and final race of the Ex2Adventures series. I ran in 3 of 4 races.  The first race I finished 3rd in my age group at Prince William Park. Then in the second race I was having IT Band problems and finished 24th at Hemlock Overlook park. I missed the third as I was schedule to run in the Van Metre 5 miler. For the fourth and final race at Wakefield Park I came back with a strong finish in 6th. I finished the series with enough points to place 8th overall for my age group.



In trail racing you see a lot of trip and falls due to the terrain. It finally happened to me in the 4th race. I was around the 2 mile mark coming up to a stream crossing, a muddy stream cross at that. Something caught my right toe and I did a huge barrel role through the mud and landed back on my feet. I had some scrap on the elbows and both calves. Other then be covered in mud and with still 2.5 miles to go I was in good shape. In the spirit of trail racing the number two point series finisher, Reggie Hall, was right behind and stopped to check on me. We never slowed down, but there was a race leader willing to take the time to help out another racer.



After losing 160 lbs, I wanted to point this out as an example of how I was able to stay focused. By being involved in a activity with a group of people working to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle has kept me motivated over the 4yrs. Reggie did not have to check on me, but is not about finishing first or last. It is about accomplishing your individual goals with a group that supports you.



Thanks to the great crew at Ex2 for putting on an outstanding event. I have raced in several of their events and will be competing in the Xterra on July 12thwhich they host in Flintstone, MD. I am already trying to work the Fall Backyard Burnseries in my schedule.  






Race 1, Prince Williams Park - Finished 40:50, Overall 12 of 212, Men 10 of 108, Age Group 3 of 37



Race 2, Hemlock Overlook Park - Finished 54:48. Overall 78 of 192, Men 44 of 103, Age Group 24 of 44



Race 4, Wakefield Park - Finished 38:47, Overall 15 of 212, Men 14 of 110, Age Group 6 of 53



Point Series - 8th



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