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[ Florida Half Ironman|]is done! 160 pounds lost = 1 Half Ironman completed! I raced in the Florida Half Ironman in Orlando, Fl at the Disney Wilderness resort. It has been almost 4 years since I started my weight loss totaling 160lbs and the Half Ironman was my hardest goal. I was a little nervous going into the race and started to second guess myself. Did I have the right nutrition plan, what was the best pace, should I which out my drink for something else, was my bike ready to road, how hot was it going to be.....the list goes on and on. I checked in with all the folks that helped me get ready, Potomac River Running, Lets Swim, Suunto, Spokes Etc,[ Trek|]and Bontrager. I was ready to race but a little last minute reassurance never hurt. Come Sunday morning I completed my gear setup in Transition and I made my way to the swim start. After good luck wishes from the wife it was swim time.



I never get use to the elbows and kicking the first couple hundred meters of the swim. Soon everyone spreads out and it is me swimming with Coach Julie in my head, saying extend your reach, finish your stroke, kick fast, and you'll can rest on the bike, swim faster. I came flying out of the water with a long run into transition and I mean a long run. I did not want to waste any time.



I jumped into my stuff and started the long and I mean long run out of transition to start biking. The biking was great, Spokes had the bike setup perfectly and the Bontrager Aeolus wheels not only looked fast they made you want to go fast. I was passing people by the dozens maybe too many at one time as I got a penalty for being in the passing side more than 20 seconds. I was called for drafting and hit with a 4 minute penalty. It was getting hot and I wanted to have a strong run and strong finish, I kept telling myself to hold back on the bike. I was watching the Suunto to keep an eye on my heart rate and pace. There is nothing worst then having a slow, miserable run. I knew my training with the t6c and to trust it to keep me on pace.



I hit T2 and was out fast! I was ready to run and run I did. I had a great run and felt strong. The heat was beating on me and I was hurting but the feet were moving. I paced myself the first 8 miles and gave it everything I had the last 4.



What a great race, a great first Half Ironman. 70.3 miles of swim, bike and run.



Results: 5:19:57



Overall 439 of 2151



Men 365 of 1597



Age Group 87 of 362



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Posted by TriFitRacing May 12, 2009


My interview came out today with Metro Sports magazine.



Jonathan Hinkle is half the man he used to be. A former high school football player, Hinkle's weight maxed out at over 355 pounds in his early thirties. In 2005, he set out to reverse his path, first focusing on diet then adding exercise.



As the pounds slowly dropped, his workouts ramped up and he eventually started competing in races for added motivation. This spring, Hinkle weighed in at a remarkable 193 pounds and he placed third in his category at the season's first EX2 Backyard Burn trail run. Hinkle details his long steady adventure towards fitness on his new blog:



What got you motivated to lose so much weight?

A coworker had tried to motivate me for awhile to lose weight. He finally convinced me to try a diet plan that taught me about mini meals mini meals and one sensible meal per day. I used a lot of bars and shakes as mini meals because I didn't have to think about it. Thirty days later, I'd lost around 15 pounds. All of a sudden, I was motivated. I didn't constantly check the scale because I was afraid that if I didn't see a certain number each time I'd be deflated and unmotivated. I just kept noticing that I could pull my belt in more and that was motivating. I had a general goal, but I didn't over-think it and get caught up in the mental game.



When did getting active enter your regime?

I had always enjoyed biking when I was younger. After I lost the first 50 pounds, I borrowed my brother's bike just to try to ride around the neighborhood and I broke it. That pushed me to go buy my own bike. I went to Spokes http://in Ashburn, Va. and they set me up on a full-suspension bike; told me where some of the trails were; and got me started. They became my go-to guys when I had questions and really introduced me to a larger community that I could be involved in. The next year, I was doing 2-hour rides three days per week and another 50 pounds came off. In the third year, I broke my collarbone biking so that got me motivated to try running.



Did you have very specific goals?

In the beginning I didn't want to get caught up in weight goals-chasing the scale or some magic number. To me, there's too much failure in that. The goal was simply to lose weight. After a couple of years, I decided I needed a more specific goal. I was reading a magazine and read about XTERRA. That got me interested in doing the XTERRA East Championships in Richmond. I decided I needed to figure out how to race, so I signed up for a 5-miler that spring. Then I did a few duathalons. The general goal was to lose weight. The events are the short term milestones that give me something to work toward.



You travel for work. How do you stay on track?

Even when I travel around town, I always have a briefcase of snacks-a banana, an orange, nutrition bars, things like that. If I have a big lunch with a client, I'll eat a small dinner or vice versa. When I stay overnight at a hotel, I ask the desk where I can go run or I call a local running to store and see if they have a run. Most YMCAs will let you have a free visit, so I walk in and use the pool. All I need is running shoes, shorts, shirt, goggles and trunks. That's my travel kit.



Any advice for others looking to lose weight?

Be active. Find something you enjoy. If you enjoy it, you'll want to do it. For me, I wanted to go biking. It's the same with food. I found a diet that I enjoy, so I want to follow it. One size doesn't fit all. You've got to find what works for you. You need to find other likeminded people. If I'm overweight or inactive and want to do something about, I need to find likeminded people who will do it with me. You need that community-that support group.



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  April was the first full month using the Suunto t6c with Comfort belt, Foot POD, and Bike Pod. After each workout I would upload it to the Training Software to review it. I focused on the Training Effect (TE) from each workout. You see it at the top of the graph as the dot showing the level each in the workout. The five red shaded areas represent each TE. Starting with the lightest area as a 1 and continuing up to the darkest area as a 5.


1 TE is recovering



2 TE is maintaining



3 TE is improving



4 TE is highly imporving



5 TE is overreaching



For the most part you see I am between a 2 and 3. My monthly average was 2.9. The 3 large spikes were races where I was not holding back. Note these are my run and bike workouts with some brick workouts of a bike followed with a run. I have not included any of my swim workouts for April, I was in the pool 15 times for 1 hour each workout.



The bottom of the chart shows the total time of each workout as the red bars. The shortest being 20 minutes and the longest being 3:40:00. The gray shaded area stepping up from left to right is the running total of time.



My focus for next month is to dial in all achieveing a TE of 3 for each workout. My goal is to focus my workouts and get the most got you keep one.



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  Being the bargain shopper that I am, I wanted to share this with everyone. I used Medifast shakes and bars the first 3yr of of my weight loss adventure. I easily lost over 100 pounds as a direct result. The first year was diet alone with 50 pounds lost. I added exercise the being of the 2 year and have lost 160 pounds total in 4yrs.


The 3rd year I started to add other products to get a variety. I found EAS products at Target and Costco. With eating 5 or 6 mini meals a at 2 or 3 dollars per servings, shopping at Costco and Target I could get it down to a $1 per servicing or less. Check out my nutrition page for examples of my different foods.



This Medifast coupon code came in the mail this week for $25 off $150 purchase or $50 off $275.



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