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!!After a 1000 meter swim, 29k mountain bike and 11k trail run, I crossed the finish line in 2:40:26. It was another great race that started with one of the crazies swim. Due to the rain the river was running fast and deep. I spent most of the swim going diagonal to get across and back. The bike went without question. I held back to pace for a strong run. Maybe a little to much as my bike time was slower than I hoped for. I exceed my run pace and in the last mile turned it on to make the final passing. I think the 5 people in front of me had the same idea as the faster I went, they went faster.


Result: 2:40:26



Overall: 73 of 197



Men: 63 of 160



Age Group: 16 of 37



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My Sunday started out like most Sunday mornings, up early and out the door for my workout. Only difference was that Linda Ann had whipped up a nice training plan for us, Bike-Run-Bike-Run on the Columbia Triathloncourse in Columbia, Maryland. Sure I had done triathlon brick training before....little did I know! Five hours later, with a 25 mile road ride, 6.2 mile run, followed with another 25 mile road ride and 6.2 mile run. I am tired just typing that.



Columbia Bike Course



As the miles rolled by today, I was thinking about what makes an Epic Adventure. Is it the people you are with, the distance or the road? Today we covered 63 miles of bike and run and we each pushed ourselves in different areas. In turn we pushed each other. It was about finishing the day better than we started and we each walked away better for it.



I could not think of better people with whom to spend a Sunday afternoon.



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I used my Sunnto to track the workout and it shows the training story. The 3 red dots on the bottom is when the t6c was stopped and we transition from bike-run-bike-run. The top chart is my heart rate and the bottom is the EPOC/Training Effect. With a long training day I took it easy on the first bike, but you see the spike on the first run. After that everything settled in and the second bike and run was a steady climb. I ended the session with a Training Effect of 3.9, which means a Highly Improving workout.



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