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We are just finishing our second day and I want to let everyone know we are doing great. A little sore in places, but in great spirits. The days and the miles have been longer than we planned. We had to find alternate routes due to road conditions or back track after a missed turn.



Pictures of the Bike Trip so far, Day 1 & 2



Here is our map log from yesterday and today.



Leesburg to Ashland, VA - 135 miles.



Ashland to Chesapeake, Va - 112 miles



More details to come after I get some sleep.



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Heather, Christina, Tony and jonathan



We will depart on the July 23rdto bike 100 miles starting from the house in Leesburg, VA to arrive in Ashland, VA for the first night. The 24thwe will cover 98 miles between Ashland to Chesapeake, VA for the second night. The last day will be 98 miles with us arriving in Kitty Hawk, NC.



Christina Hinkle will be driving the SAG wagon. We are planning to meet every 30 miles the first day. The second day will are planning to meet at the 50 mile middle point. Depending on how things go we will determine the schedule for the third day stops. The hope is to bike unsupported as much as possible.




Our route will have us use the WO&D trail to depart Northern Virginia to pick up US Bike Route 1 to south of Richmond. Once past Richmond will we cross the James River and jump on Route 10? Route 10 will take us through Smithfield where we will use Route 17 to work our way over to Chesapeake, VA. Chesapeake will be our last stop before Route 168 will take us to Kitty Hawk, NC for some needs drinks and snacks.




We will post our route map each day with a blog of the adventures.



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In addition to a top ten finish and setting a new personal record, it was a chance to run with some greats friends and family.



Left to right -  Casey, Elizabeth, Christina, Johnathan, Tyler, me, and Crystal.



This was my second year running in the Potomac River Running Twilight 4 miler. After a year of grinding the miles out, my running game had improved and this was an opportunity to gauge how much.



Saucony had sent me a fresh pair of my favorite shoes the Triumph 6, of course in Silver/Black and Red to go with my black socks. It is important to run faster but to look good while doing it.



2008 Finish: 32:44,  Age Group 24 of 86



2009 Finish: 28:00,  Age Group 9 of 89



I used my Suunto t6c with Foot POD to stay on pace and to run 7:00 minutes per mile. It was important for me to run my pace and not push it too soon. You can see from my training log, I hit my 188 Max Heart Rate and 57 VO2 max on the finish line sprint.



After a year of training, I improved my 4 mile time by 4:44 and moved my finishing position up 15 slots, and  in my Age Group to 9 of 89.



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