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Tri Fit Racing

September 2009




I am please to announce continued sponsorship and support . I will being racing on the[Trek Equinox TTX 9.9|] for my up coming Triathlon. The Patriot half ironman, 70.3 mile triathlon will be the first race for me to show case the TTX's performance. I have spend the last 2 months training with the Trek Equinox and have already seen improvement with my speed and ability to maintain a faster pace.



I will be pushing for a new Personal Record in the 70.3 distance events.



My greatest success has been the 160 weight lose achieved by riding a Trek Fuel 9.8 and Trek Madone 5.2 going from 355 pounds to 185 pounds.









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Alexander from Spokes Etc got me up at 5:45am this Sunday to go hammer out 76 miles through the Northern Virginia county side. We met at 6:15am and headed over to Ida Lee Park Rec Center to catch up with the 6 others. Tracy Killmer had mapped out a great 60 mile ride which took us up into Maryland and back across Whites Ferry.


I used this ride to get a brick training session in. After the ride I racked the bike and headed out for a 13.5 mile run. This was my last big training session for the Patriot half ironman in 2 weeks.


Here is the course map and I would put this ride in my top list.


I rode my Trek Madone instead of the Trek TTX. As when you ride with roadie's you bring the road bike.


My Sunnto training log shows the 76 mile, 5hr bike followed by the 13.5 mile, 2hr run.





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This came across my desk today and found it worth a quick read:


Roadblock: You eat energy-dense foods.


A hamburger is an energy-dense food — meaning it packs more calories than less dense foods, like vegetable soup and a turkey sandwich. Less dense foods have a higher water content than fats and carbs, explain researchers in a 2007 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, which found that people who lower their energy density lower their weight. A more recent study from the same journal found similar results: Those who eat a lot of energy-dense foods weigh more, have a higher intake of trans and saturated fat, and eat fewer fruits and vegetables.


Fill up and fuel your body for better workouts with the healthiest diet for runners.



Roadblock: You're stuck in a color rut.


Many runners get the majority of their calories from carbs all the time. "I call it the flu diet," says Dorfman. "Everything is bland and white." But research supports a colorful diet: A recent study published in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating colorful berries twice a day for eight weeks helps lower blood pressure. "Eat at least five colors daily," says Dorfman. "so that you can be assured you're getting enough fiber and protein to help steady blood sugar and feel more satisfied after eating."



Roadblock: You only run.


Running 15 miles a week burns roughly 1,500 calories—but to lose a pound, you need to cut 3,500 calories a week. Bottom line? Running alone won't cut it; if you want to lose weight more quickly, you need to adjust your calorie intake. In a study in the 2007 American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism,, researchers followed participants for a year and found that lean and overweight adults who restrict their calorie intake by an average of 300 calories a day lose nearly 25 percent of their body fat. People who just exercise but don't eat fewer calories lose just over 22 percent. Both regimens worked, but your best bet is to combine the effort.



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I have been receiving a lot of question asking for more details about my training. I was asked to share what I do and when I do it. I will be posting a series of blog's over the next week.


Right now my training focus is split between Patriot half ironmann 70.3 triathlon training for my next half ironman Sept 12th and racing with a team for the Ragnar Relay Sept 24th to 25th.


With the Ragnar being later in the month I have added two 7.25 mile runs a day twice a week and 3 - 10k runs in 24hours, breakfast-dinner-breakfast.


Below is my Sunnto Training log from today show my AM and PM run. Same course with 440ft of accenting. I was very tired this morning and you can see my time was slower and heart rate higher. The PM run was much easy with a lower heart rate and faster pace.





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Trek TTX fitting

Posted by TriFitRacing Sep 5, 2009

I had Adam over at Spokes Etc make some adjustments to the areo bars while I was in Tampa this week.


I will head out today for a training brick of 56 mile bike and a 13 mile run. I want to make sure everything is feeling good for the Patriot 70.3 triathlon in 14 days.

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