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After 70.3 miles of swim, bike, & run, I finished the Patriot triathlon in 4:52:40. My goal was to set a "Personal Record" and break the 5hr mark. Coming off the bike, I knew I was racing in the top 20 and gave the run everything I had.

I finished 2nd in my age group, 14th in men and 15th overall.

Patriot half 70.3 Triathlon Results: 4:52:40

Overall: 15 of 503

Age group: 2 of 61

Men: 14 of 346

Rank SWIM,  Rank T1,   Rank BIKE,   Rank T2,  Rank RUN,    TIME
 7 - 37:39, 22 - 4:34, 2 - 2:30:31, 4 - 1:10, 5 - 1:38:48, 4:52:40

Compared to my Florida Half Ironman finish of 5:19:57, I was asked how did I cut the 20 minutes off of my time. The short answer, training and equipment.

Training: I focused on speed and pace. My long works were about explosiveness with lots of sprints and intervals. I had the base training to finish but now needed to work on my speed. I will post my training log showing my workouts in the next couple of days.

Gear: The biggest difference was racing on the Trek TTX 9.9 with Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 carbon wheels. This improved my bike pace from 20.5 miles per hour to 23 miles per hour. The TTX is crazy fast. It is amazing to be pedaling along under your own power at 28-30 miles per hour. Don't get me wrong, you still need the horsepower in your legs to drive the pedals. With time and training on the Trek TTX I can still have more speed improvements to come.

I used the Suunto t6c w/ heart rate monitor, Bike Pod, and Foot Pod. I knew my exact time and pace at any point. Coming out of the swim, I was right on pace; on the bike my heart rate was low and I was pushing 23mph. I got into the run starting at 8:15/mile for the first couple of miles. With my heart rate in a comfort zone I picked it up to 8:00/mile. At mile 8 I was still running in the top 20 group of finishers. After managing my race and pace, others started to fade on the last 5 miles. I was able to pick up the last couple of miles to a 7:30/mile pace.   My goal was to finish under 5hrs and the Suunto triathlete package made managing the clock a no brainer.

Of course my Saucony Triumph 6. I am on my third pair of  Triumph 6's silver/black/red. Once I switched from theSaucony Paramount last year I knew I was in the right shoe. I have over a thousand miles, dozen of short to mid distance races, 2 Half Ironman's and a Marathon running in these shoes. I will continue to race the Triumph 6's. When it is right, it is right. Dont second guess yourself.

Jonathan Hinkle Patriot half Pictures.

Patriot half ironman Sept 09

The 2nd place finished earned me a wine glass trophy, a bottle of Williamsburg wine, and a Final Kick gift certificate.

Above all else a place in our memories that will last forever, Jonathan and Christina Hinkle.


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