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IMG00039-20110522-1216.jpgI was 3rd out of water, crushed the swim in 11 minutes. My plan was to pedal smart, hold my position and save it for the run. 5 miles into the bike, I was 4th or 5th and boom....I flated the front tire. I rode it to the rim, changed it as fast as possible. Even a couple of minutes lost on a fast course like Reveille Peak Ranch is the difference between finish at the front or middle of the pack.

I still picked up some point for the Xterra series. Looking forward to the next race.

Thanks for being there:


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I was in Austin a couple of weeks ago and got a chance to jump in on the Hill Country Running Company Thursday morning group run. I wanted to thank Nate, Jamie and Andrea.

We met at the store and headed over to Barton Spring. Due to the flooring we ran interval laps alternating between long and short with a few hills mixed in. I was recovering from racing the Shenandoah 100 and this was a prefect warmup workout for me.

In my travels I meet a lot of people but Hill Country made me feel welcomed and part of their running group.

Thanks again and I will check in with you next time in the ATX.

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Finishers medal

I finished the Longhorn Half Ironman in Austin, TXsetting a Personal Record of 4:50:23 finish. The PR was unexpected as my focus was a fast swim and transitions.  I had not been able to put the training time into the bike and had been nursing a sore Achilles with little running time.Bike

After a fast swim and T1 I held on through the bike. Once on the run I saw the PR was possible and just needed to maintain my pace.  The run course was three loops and fill with something different at every corner. From Bands every mile, snacks, candy, all kinds of hydration, cold sponges and towels. So much to choice from I had to skip a few things and keep moving.



Finish - 4:50:23

Overall - 123 of 1991

Men - 71 of 1458

Age group - 17 of 340

Longhorn Half Ironman, Austin TX Oct 09

This was my 18th race of the year and with Fall/Winter coming to North Virginia, it was my last Tri of the season.

It to let the body heal, spend sometime reflecting and catch up.

At least for 2 weeks as it is almost time to start Marathon training. Gasparilla Marathon here I come.

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