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I am excited to have GU Energy Labs to support my racing nutrition. If you have followed my story, Tri Fit Racing, I have always used the GU gels and Roctane's when training or racing.

With the start of my racing season begin with the Boston Marathon, followed with Xterra andHalf Ironman you can bet I will have GU in my pocket.

After losing 160lbs, going from 355lbs to 190lbs, I am very concerned about what I put in my body. GU has the right blend of nutrition for me to continue my weight loss program and keep me moving.

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Finishers medal

I finished the Longhorn Half Ironman in Austin, TXsetting a Personal Record of 4:50:23 finish. The PR was unexpected as my focus was a fast swim and transitions.  I had not been able to put the training time into the bike and had been nursing a sore Achilles with little running time.Bike

After a fast swim and T1 I held on through the bike. Once on the run I saw the PR was possible and just needed to maintain my pace.  The run course was three loops and fill with something different at every corner. From Bands every mile, snacks, candy, all kinds of hydration, cold sponges and towels. So much to choice from I had to skip a few things and keep moving.



Finish - 4:50:23

Overall - 123 of 1991

Men - 71 of 1458

Age group - 17 of 340

Longhorn Half Ironman, Austin TX Oct 09

This was my 18th race of the year and with Fall/Winter coming to North Virginia, it was my last Tri of the season.

It to let the body heal, spend sometime reflecting and catch up.

At least for 2 weeks as it is almost time to start Marathon training. Gasparilla Marathon here I come.

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I took the starting line in Washington DC at the Army 10 miler with 21,289 other people on Oct 4th. It could not have a better day for a 10 mile run through DC. I was fortunate to be wearing the new Saucony Triumph 7’s. I had received them a couple of days before. Not only do they look fast, they made me feel fast.Start

I set a PR of 1:11:53 finish, which put me on a 7:11/mile pace. I did not start with that in mind. The first 2 miles rolled by at 8:00/mile pace and then the congestion thinned out and I eased the speed up a little mile after mile. Next thing I knew the finish line was in sight.



Finish – 1:11:53

Overall – 1306 of 21,289

Men – 1168 of 11690

Age Group – 194 – 2146DC


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Ragnar Relay, Washington DC Sept 09

After living in a van for 36 hours we finished the Ragnar Relay, Washington DC in 27:50:30 hrs. This put us in 18th overall and a 3rd place for our division. This was my 16th race of the 2009 season and I would put this as one of the fun'est events I have done. As a 12 member team we each had to run 3 legs of the 199 miles between Cumberland, MD and Washington, DC. My 3 runs were a total of 21.8 miles with the first being 9.2 miles around 3pm, followed with a 4.8 mile at 2am and lastly a 8.9 miler the next morning at 10am.

Beyond chasing the clock and setting new PR’s this race, for me, was about the 12 people you are racing. I could not think of a better bunch of people to share this great experience.

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After 70.3 miles of swim, bike, & run, I finished the Patriot triathlon in 4:52:40. My goal was to set a "Personal Record" and break the 5hr mark. Coming off the bike, I knew I was racing in the top 20 and gave the run everything I had.

I finished 2nd in my age group, 14th in men and 15th overall.

Patriot half 70.3 Triathlon Results: 4:52:40

Overall: 15 of 503

Age group: 2 of 61

Men: 14 of 346

Rank SWIM,  Rank T1,   Rank BIKE,   Rank T2,  Rank RUN,    TIME
 7 - 37:39, 22 - 4:34, 2 - 2:30:31, 4 - 1:10, 5 - 1:38:48, 4:52:40

Compared to my Florida Half Ironman finish of 5:19:57, I was asked how did I cut the 20 minutes off of my time. The short answer, training and equipment.

Training: I focused on speed and pace. My long works were about explosiveness with lots of sprints and intervals. I had the base training to finish but now needed to work on my speed. I will post my training log showing my workouts in the next couple of days.

Gear: The biggest difference was racing on the Trek TTX 9.9 with Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 carbon wheels. This improved my bike pace from 20.5 miles per hour to 23 miles per hour. The TTX is crazy fast. It is amazing to be pedaling along under your own power at 28-30 miles per hour. Don't get me wrong, you still need the horsepower in your legs to drive the pedals. With time and training on the Trek TTX I can still have more speed improvements to come.

I used the Suunto t6c w/ heart rate monitor, Bike Pod, and Foot Pod. I knew my exact time and pace at any point. Coming out of the swim, I was right on pace; on the bike my heart rate was low and I was pushing 23mph. I got into the run starting at 8:15/mile for the first couple of miles. With my heart rate in a comfort zone I picked it up to 8:00/mile. At mile 8 I was still running in the top 20 group of finishers. After managing my race and pace, others started to fade on the last 5 miles. I was able to pick up the last couple of miles to a 7:30/mile pace.   My goal was to finish under 5hrs and the Suunto triathlete package made managing the clock a no brainer.

Of course my Saucony Triumph 6. I am on my third pair of  Triumph 6's silver/black/red. Once I switched from theSaucony Paramount last year I knew I was in the right shoe. I have over a thousand miles, dozen of short to mid distance races, 2 Half Ironman's and a Marathon running in these shoes. I will continue to race the Triumph 6's. When it is right, it is right. Dont second guess yourself.

Jonathan Hinkle Patriot half Pictures.

Patriot half ironman Sept 09

The 2nd place finished earned me a wine glass trophy, a bottle of Williamsburg wine, and a Final Kick gift certificate.

Above all else a place in our memories that will last forever, Jonathan and Christina Hinkle.


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I am please to announce continued sponsorship and support . I will being racing on the[Trek Equinox TTX 9.9|] for my up coming Triathlon. The Patriot half ironman, 70.3 mile triathlon will be the first race for me to show case the TTX's performance. I have spend the last 2 months training with the Trek Equinox and have already seen improvement with my speed and ability to maintain a faster pace.



I will be pushing for a new Personal Record in the 70.3 distance events.



My greatest success has been the 160 weight lose achieved by riding a Trek Fuel 9.8 and Trek Madone 5.2 going from 355 pounds to 185 pounds.









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Alexander from Spokes Etc got me up at 5:45am this Sunday to go hammer out 76 miles through the Northern Virginia county side. We met at 6:15am and headed over to Ida Lee Park Rec Center to catch up with the 6 others. Tracy Killmer had mapped out a great 60 mile ride which took us up into Maryland and back across Whites Ferry.


I used this ride to get a brick training session in. After the ride I racked the bike and headed out for a 13.5 mile run. This was my last big training session for the Patriot half ironman in 2 weeks.


Here is the course map and I would put this ride in my top list.


I rode my Trek Madone instead of the Trek TTX. As when you ride with roadie's you bring the road bike.


My Sunnto training log shows the 76 mile, 5hr bike followed by the 13.5 mile, 2hr run.





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This came across my desk today and found it worth a quick read:


Roadblock: You eat energy-dense foods.


A hamburger is an energy-dense food — meaning it packs more calories than less dense foods, like vegetable soup and a turkey sandwich. Less dense foods have a higher water content than fats and carbs, explain researchers in a 2007 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, which found that people who lower their energy density lower their weight. A more recent study from the same journal found similar results: Those who eat a lot of energy-dense foods weigh more, have a higher intake of trans and saturated fat, and eat fewer fruits and vegetables.


Fill up and fuel your body for better workouts with the healthiest diet for runners.



Roadblock: You're stuck in a color rut.


Many runners get the majority of their calories from carbs all the time. "I call it the flu diet," says Dorfman. "Everything is bland and white." But research supports a colorful diet: A recent study published in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating colorful berries twice a day for eight weeks helps lower blood pressure. "Eat at least five colors daily," says Dorfman. "so that you can be assured you're getting enough fiber and protein to help steady blood sugar and feel more satisfied after eating."



Roadblock: You only run.


Running 15 miles a week burns roughly 1,500 calories—but to lose a pound, you need to cut 3,500 calories a week. Bottom line? Running alone won't cut it; if you want to lose weight more quickly, you need to adjust your calorie intake. In a study in the 2007 American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism,, researchers followed participants for a year and found that lean and overweight adults who restrict their calorie intake by an average of 300 calories a day lose nearly 25 percent of their body fat. People who just exercise but don't eat fewer calories lose just over 22 percent. Both regimens worked, but your best bet is to combine the effort.



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Trek TTX fitting

Posted by TriFitRacing Sep 5, 2009

I had Adam over at Spokes Etc make some adjustments to the areo bars while I was in Tampa this week.


I will head out today for a training brick of 56 mile bike and a 13 mile run. I want to make sure everything is feeling good for the Patriot 70.3 triathlon in 14 days.

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After 3 days and 317 miles, our first bike trip is completed!



So often as individuals you get caught up in your day-to-day routine, your daily struggle. We came to the trip with our own strengths and weaknesses, but we took the time to step out of our routines.



We biked 317 miles with a total of 21 pedaling hours. There were no major mishaps. We only had to replace one intertube from a nail and two rear tires that finished the trip, but will never roll again.



Upon arriving in Kitty Hawk, NC we ordered up some well deserved drinks and snacks. The conversation turned to when the next trip will take place.



Pictures & video from the 4 day adventure!



Day 1 route map 135 miles, Leesburg - Ashland, VA.



Day 2 route map 112 miles, Ashland - Chesapeake, VA



Day 3 route map 69 miles, Chesapeake, VA - Kitty Hawk, NC



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We are just finishing our second day and I want to let everyone know we are doing great. A little sore in places, but in great spirits. The days and the miles have been longer than we planned. We had to find alternate routes due to road conditions or back track after a missed turn.



Pictures of the Bike Trip so far, Day 1 & 2



Here is our map log from yesterday and today.



Leesburg to Ashland, VA - 135 miles.



Ashland to Chesapeake, Va - 112 miles



More details to come after I get some sleep.



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Heather, Christina, Tony and jonathan



We will depart on the July 23rdto bike 100 miles starting from the house in Leesburg, VA to arrive in Ashland, VA for the first night. The 24thwe will cover 98 miles between Ashland to Chesapeake, VA for the second night. The last day will be 98 miles with us arriving in Kitty Hawk, NC.



Christina Hinkle will be driving the SAG wagon. We are planning to meet every 30 miles the first day. The second day will are planning to meet at the 50 mile middle point. Depending on how things go we will determine the schedule for the third day stops. The hope is to bike unsupported as much as possible.




Our route will have us use the WO&D trail to depart Northern Virginia to pick up US Bike Route 1 to south of Richmond. Once past Richmond will we cross the James River and jump on Route 10? Route 10 will take us through Smithfield where we will use Route 17 to work our way over to Chesapeake, VA. Chesapeake will be our last stop before Route 168 will take us to Kitty Hawk, NC for some needs drinks and snacks.




We will post our route map each day with a blog of the adventures.



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In addition to a top ten finish and setting a new personal record, it was a chance to run with some greats friends and family.



Left to right -  Casey, Elizabeth, Christina, Johnathan, Tyler, me, and Crystal.



This was my second year running in the Potomac River Running Twilight 4 miler. After a year of grinding the miles out, my running game had improved and this was an opportunity to gauge how much.



Saucony had sent me a fresh pair of my favorite shoes the Triumph 6, of course in Silver/Black and Red to go with my black socks. It is important to run faster but to look good while doing it.



2008 Finish: 32:44,  Age Group 24 of 86



2009 Finish: 28:00,  Age Group 9 of 89



I used my Suunto t6c with Foot POD to stay on pace and to run 7:00 minutes per mile. It was important for me to run my pace and not push it too soon. You can see from my training log, I hit my 188 Max Heart Rate and 57 VO2 max on the finish line sprint.



After a year of training, I improved my 4 mile time by 4:44 and moved my finishing position up 15 slots, and  in my Age Group to 9 of 89.



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[ Florida Half Ironman|]is done! 160 pounds lost = 1 Half Ironman completed! I raced in the Florida Half Ironman in Orlando, Fl at the Disney Wilderness resort. It has been almost 4 years since I started my weight loss totaling 160lbs and the Half Ironman was my hardest goal. I was a little nervous going into the race and started to second guess myself. Did I have the right nutrition plan, what was the best pace, should I which out my drink for something else, was my bike ready to road, how hot was it going to be.....the list goes on and on. I checked in with all the folks that helped me get ready, Potomac River Running, Lets Swim, Suunto, Spokes Etc,[ Trek|]and Bontrager. I was ready to race but a little last minute reassurance never hurt. Come Sunday morning I completed my gear setup in Transition and I made my way to the swim start. After good luck wishes from the wife it was swim time.



I never get use to the elbows and kicking the first couple hundred meters of the swim. Soon everyone spreads out and it is me swimming with Coach Julie in my head, saying extend your reach, finish your stroke, kick fast, and you'll can rest on the bike, swim faster. I came flying out of the water with a long run into transition and I mean a long run. I did not want to waste any time.



I jumped into my stuff and started the long and I mean long run out of transition to start biking. The biking was great, Spokes had the bike setup perfectly and the Bontrager Aeolus wheels not only looked fast they made you want to go fast. I was passing people by the dozens maybe too many at one time as I got a penalty for being in the passing side more than 20 seconds. I was called for drafting and hit with a 4 minute penalty. It was getting hot and I wanted to have a strong run and strong finish, I kept telling myself to hold back on the bike. I was watching the Suunto to keep an eye on my heart rate and pace. There is nothing worst then having a slow, miserable run. I knew my training with the t6c and to trust it to keep me on pace.



I hit T2 and was out fast! I was ready to run and run I did. I had a great run and felt strong. The heat was beating on me and I was hurting but the feet were moving. I paced myself the first 8 miles and gave it everything I had the last 4.



What a great race, a great first Half Ironman. 70.3 miles of swim, bike and run.



Results: 5:19:57



Overall 439 of 2151



Men 365 of 1597



Age Group 87 of 362



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Posted by TriFitRacing May 12, 2009


My interview came out today with Metro Sports magazine.



Jonathan Hinkle is half the man he used to be. A former high school football player, Hinkle's weight maxed out at over 355 pounds in his early thirties. In 2005, he set out to reverse his path, first focusing on diet then adding exercise.



As the pounds slowly dropped, his workouts ramped up and he eventually started competing in races for added motivation. This spring, Hinkle weighed in at a remarkable 193 pounds and he placed third in his category at the season's first EX2 Backyard Burn trail run. Hinkle details his long steady adventure towards fitness on his new blog:



What got you motivated to lose so much weight?

A coworker had tried to motivate me for awhile to lose weight. He finally convinced me to try a diet plan that taught me about mini meals mini meals and one sensible meal per day. I used a lot of bars and shakes as mini meals because I didn't have to think about it. Thirty days later, I'd lost around 15 pounds. All of a sudden, I was motivated. I didn't constantly check the scale because I was afraid that if I didn't see a certain number each time I'd be deflated and unmotivated. I just kept noticing that I could pull my belt in more and that was motivating. I had a general goal, but I didn't over-think it and get caught up in the mental game.



When did getting active enter your regime?

I had always enjoyed biking when I was younger. After I lost the first 50 pounds, I borrowed my brother's bike just to try to ride around the neighborhood and I broke it. That pushed me to go buy my own bike. I went to Spokes http://in Ashburn, Va. and they set me up on a full-suspension bike; told me where some of the trails were; and got me started. They became my go-to guys when I had questions and really introduced me to a larger community that I could be involved in. The next year, I was doing 2-hour rides three days per week and another 50 pounds came off. In the third year, I broke my collarbone biking so that got me motivated to try running.



Did you have very specific goals?

In the beginning I didn't want to get caught up in weight goals-chasing the scale or some magic number. To me, there's too much failure in that. The goal was simply to lose weight. After a couple of years, I decided I needed a more specific goal. I was reading a magazine and read about XTERRA. That got me interested in doing the XTERRA East Championships in Richmond. I decided I needed to figure out how to race, so I signed up for a 5-miler that spring. Then I did a few duathalons. The general goal was to lose weight. The events are the short term milestones that give me something to work toward.



You travel for work. How do you stay on track?

Even when I travel around town, I always have a briefcase of snacks-a banana, an orange, nutrition bars, things like that. If I have a big lunch with a client, I'll eat a small dinner or vice versa. When I stay overnight at a hotel, I ask the desk where I can go run or I call a local running to store and see if they have a run. Most YMCAs will let you have a free visit, so I walk in and use the pool. All I need is running shoes, shorts, shirt, goggles and trunks. That's my travel kit.



Any advice for others looking to lose weight?

Be active. Find something you enjoy. If you enjoy it, you'll want to do it. For me, I wanted to go biking. It's the same with food. I found a diet that I enjoy, so I want to follow it. One size doesn't fit all. You've got to find what works for you. You need to find other likeminded people. If I'm overweight or inactive and want to do something about, I need to find likeminded people who will do it with me. You need that community-that support group.



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