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IMG00039-20110522-1216.jpgI was 3rd out of water, crushed the swim in 11 minutes. My plan was to pedal smart, hold my position and save it for the run. 5 miles into the bike, I was 4th or 5th and boom....I flated the front tire. I rode it to the rim, changed it as fast as possible. Even a couple of minutes lost on a fast course like Reveille Peak Ranch is the difference between finish at the front or middle of the pack.

I still picked up some point for the Xterra series. Looking forward to the next race.

Thanks for being there:


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This June 13-14, Richmond's epic outdoor adventure opportunities are on display with more than a dozen different dirt-and-river themed races. Highlighting it all is the XTERRA Atlantic Cup, the gnarliest off-road triathlon on the planet, that first made its impression here back in 1999.



Your regional championship is the XTERRA Atlantic Cup(formerly the XTERRA East Championship) at Brown's Island in downtown Richmond, VA on Sunday, June 14.



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