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I came to Ann Arbor hoping for a great race. Everything came together for me.. Finally no flat tires. The Trek Superfly 100 was the right bike for this fast course. I had a great run and to my surprise 1st place was mine.

This was my 2nd Xterra of the season and the 1st place points put me on the path to the USA Championships.

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  It was a great weekend for my first Duathlon of the season. I completed the USAT  National OffroadSaturday, 11k trail run, 26k mountain bike, and a 5k trail run. I had done this event last year but did the Sport distance. I finished the championship distance using it as a tune up for the Florida Half Ironmannext month. I could not have been happier with my performance. I will need to make some adjustments for the heat. It was 98 degrees in Richmond and I was not fully prepared with fluids and nutrition. I did not have enough fuel and going from the bike to the final run, I was fighting leg cramps most of the way.



This was my first opportunity to race on the Trek Fuel Ex 9.8. It was amazingly fast and the climbing ability made a huge difference. When other racers were stalling on the uphills, I was able to ride past them. It seemed like all I had to do was turn the pedals and hold on! I can not wait to get some more ride time on the Fuel Ex in hopes of doing even better at the Richmond Xterra.



I used the Suunto t6cand Comfort Belt to track my run, bike, run duathlon. The Foot POD was clipped on my trail shoes and the Bike POD mounted on the Trek Fuel. It seamlessly tracked my speed and distance switching between the runs and bike. I did not check my heart rate during the race but will review it using the Training Manager software to better understand my performance.



The heat did take a toll on me. I will let the finish line picture tell the story. I told myself I would still rather be running through the woods of Browns Island in 98 degree heat then weighing 355 lbs. It was a great day and a great race.



Results:Finish - 2:59:31, Overall - 25 of 94, Men - 24 of 72,  Age Group 9 of 20



USAT Offroad Duathlon 26k Mountain Bike Course Map. This is much of the same course for the Xterra Richmond



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