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One of the muddiest and roughest Xterra's I have done. I have the cuts and bruises to show. You know it's a tough race when they give you a Sog Knife as a trophy.

Super fast swim, followed by a muddy slip n slide ride on the Trek Superfly 100 thru the woods, over the bridge and up the hills. To finish it a wet run thru the mud puddles to the finish.

My good friend, Alexander, helped me with the mantra for this race: "Worry about what I can control, effort-pace-focus!"

Now its time for a vacation with family and friends.

img00101-20110807-1249.jpgimg00103-20110807-1308.jpgxterra appalachia.jpg

Tri Fit

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Jesse Tubb and I rode into Xterra Ex2with a plan to pull a Shake in Bake. I went after the Tri Solo to chase more points to qualify for the USA Championship. While Jesse hit the Duathlon to chase a spot on the podium. Lucky it all came together for us. I took 2nd in the age group getting 67 points and Jesse nailed the 1st place spot on the podium.

This was my 3rd Xterra for the season. I was 2nd in the US point standings Atlantic region, only one point behind 1st place. Everything was set for a great race, course was dry, sun was out, the Superfly 100 was looking, and I was feeling fast. That might have just been the 2 large cups of coffee.

On the first lap of the swim I saw some nasty toes go by and knew right way it was Eric Sorensen. I jumped on his toes, knowing he would have a fast pace. I checked my pace time on Suunto t6d on the short run between swim laps. I was a little ahead of pace but felt good. I could not keep up with Eric and was on my own for the 2nd lap.  I hit T1 and jumped on my Trek Superfly 100and was out on the bike. The Suunto bike pod engaged and I was right on pace. I was confident going into the bike as I had done Ex2Aventures 9hr Cranky Monkey race on the same course 2 months earlier. I rode smart and had no problems. A quick dash in and out of T2 I slipped on my K-Swiss Keahou with the Sunnto foot pod. I was running down the 5 remaining miles. I took a moderate  pace for the first 3 miles. As mile 3 to 4 has you scrambling down rock's and crawling backup the other side. Then I opened it up for the run into the finish.

My nutrition was right on. I had a bar at the being of the bike and GU Roctane gel at the end of the bike. On the run I had a GU Roctane at miles 2 and 4. I sucked back a bottle or two of the course Gatorade.

Crossing the finish in 2nd place gave me enough points to be ranked 1st in the Xterra Atlantic region and 13th nationwide.

I found Jesse in 1st for the Duathlon age group and 2nd overall. We could not be happier with how our day went.

Suunto t6d speed & heart rate link

Xterra Rocky Gap July 2011

Xterra Ex2 bike course map link.

Tri Fit

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Austin Town Lake Run

Posted by TriFitRacing Feb 16, 2011

When in Austin one must run the Town Lake trail, its a law. At least I think it is. I strapped on my K-Swiss Ultra Ntrl IIwith my Suunto foot pod and got one full lap around the lake. It put me at 10.25 miles.

My plan is to hit it again tomorrow and Friday. I hoping for 35 miles over the 3 days.

Tri Fit Racing

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Half Ironman Championship, Nov 2010

Half  Ironman Championship started like any 70.3 miles of  swim, bike, run! It was 4:30am on Nov 13th, I was having my standard pre-race breakfast, EAS Myoplex Lite ready to drink shake, banana and 2 cups of coffee. I got to transition by 5:15am. A quick check on the Trek TTX I was all set. This was a clean transition race. Bike bags and Run bags had been dropped off the day before.  There was no setup to be done other then a little air in the tires.

I grabbed the Xterra Vector Pro wetsuit to make my way over to the swim start for a few warm up laps. I was feeling good, feeling fast. At least I was thinking fast thoughts. As always, 30 minutes before go time, I have my EAS Lite nutrition bar.  I lined up on the inside right, thinking I would avoid some of the crowd. Little did I know I was down stream from the current. I spent the going out swim leg fighting to stay on the swim course. A quick run through T1 I was jumping on the TTX.

I took it easy the first half and pedaled like a mad man on the way back. Being on the Trek TTX and a  little tail wind did not hurt either. My bike splits had me at 22.48 first half and 24.95 coming home.

Soon I was on the run. I was putting down the miles in my new K-Swiss Ultra-Ntrl Runii. I had been looking for some racing flat style shoes. Jon Siebrecht from K-Swiss helped me find the right pair a few days before at the Ironman expo. I started out a little fast and found my pace after a few miles. My good friends Jon & Linda Ann were cheering me on from top of the bridge with each pass. Even when I was hurting I had to at least make it look easy, while running past them. I dug deep and found the kick for the finish line.

The Sunnto t6d kept me on schedule  using the Bike Pod and Foot Pod. The mileage on the log is a little off. I forgot to check the calibration on the foot pod.

I was pushing for a PR and shaved off 2 minutes for a 4:42:26 finish.

Tri Fit

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Ragnar Relay DC, Sept 2010

Team Nameless & Shameless runs down another Ragnar Relay. This is the 3rd relay we have done. It is only getting better. I could not think of a better bunch of people to be with. Keep in mind when you live in a van with 5 others for 36hrs, that is a lot of closest.

The heat did slow us down a little this year with a 30:00:20 finish. Putting us 36 of 226 teams.

The team is schedule to run Ragnar Miami to Key West in January. We are planning for another great race.

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Alexander from Spokes Etc got me up at 5:45am this Sunday to go hammer out 76 miles through the Northern Virginia county side. We met at 6:15am and headed over to Ida Lee Park Rec Center to catch up with the 6 others. Tracy Killmer had mapped out a great 60 mile ride which took us up into Maryland and back across Whites Ferry.


I used this ride to get a brick training session in. After the ride I racked the bike and headed out for a 13.5 mile run. This was my last big training session for the Patriot half ironman in 2 weeks.


Here is the course map and I would put this ride in my top list.


I rode my Trek Madone instead of the Trek TTX. As when you ride with roadie's you bring the road bike.


My Sunnto training log shows the 76 mile, 5hr bike followed by the 13.5 mile, 2hr run.





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I have been receiving a lot of question asking for more details about my training. I was asked to share what I do and when I do it. I will be posting a series of blog's over the next week.


Right now my training focus is split between Patriot half ironmann 70.3 triathlon training for my next half ironman Sept 12th and racing with a team for the Ragnar Relay Sept 24th to 25th.


With the Ragnar being later in the month I have added two 7.25 mile runs a day twice a week and 3 - 10k runs in 24hours, breakfast-dinner-breakfast.


Below is my Sunnto Training log from today show my AM and PM run. Same course with 440ft of accenting. I was very tired this morning and you can see my time was slower and heart rate higher. The PM run was much easy with a lower heart rate and faster pace.





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In addition to a top ten finish and setting a new personal record, it was a chance to run with some greats friends and family.



Left to right -  Casey, Elizabeth, Christina, Johnathan, Tyler, me, and Crystal.



This was my second year running in the Potomac River Running Twilight 4 miler. After a year of grinding the miles out, my running game had improved and this was an opportunity to gauge how much.



Saucony had sent me a fresh pair of my favorite shoes the Triumph 6, of course in Silver/Black and Red to go with my black socks. It is important to run faster but to look good while doing it.



2008 Finish: 32:44,  Age Group 24 of 86



2009 Finish: 28:00,  Age Group 9 of 89



I used my Suunto t6c with Foot POD to stay on pace and to run 7:00 minutes per mile. It was important for me to run my pace and not push it too soon. You can see from my training log, I hit my 188 Max Heart Rate and 57 VO2 max on the finish line sprint.



After a year of training, I improved my 4 mile time by 4:44 and moved my finishing position up 15 slots, and  in my Age Group to 9 of 89.



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  April was the first full month using the Suunto t6c with Comfort belt, Foot POD, and Bike Pod. After each workout I would upload it to the Training Software to review it. I focused on the Training Effect (TE) from each workout. You see it at the top of the graph as the dot showing the level each in the workout. The five red shaded areas represent each TE. Starting with the lightest area as a 1 and continuing up to the darkest area as a 5.


1 TE is recovering



2 TE is maintaining



3 TE is improving



4 TE is highly imporving



5 TE is overreaching



For the most part you see I am between a 2 and 3. My monthly average was 2.9. The 3 large spikes were races where I was not holding back. Note these are my run and bike workouts with some brick workouts of a bike followed with a run. I have not included any of my swim workouts for April, I was in the pool 15 times for 1 hour each workout.



The bottom of the chart shows the total time of each workout as the red bars. The shortest being 20 minutes and the longest being 3:40:00. The gray shaded area stepping up from left to right is the running total of time.



My focus for next month is to dial in all achieveing a TE of 3 for each workout. My goal is to focus my workouts and get the most got you keep one.



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  It was a great weekend for my first Duathlon of the season. I completed the USAT  National OffroadSaturday, 11k trail run, 26k mountain bike, and a 5k trail run. I had done this event last year but did the Sport distance. I finished the championship distance using it as a tune up for the Florida Half Ironmannext month. I could not have been happier with my performance. I will need to make some adjustments for the heat. It was 98 degrees in Richmond and I was not fully prepared with fluids and nutrition. I did not have enough fuel and going from the bike to the final run, I was fighting leg cramps most of the way.



This was my first opportunity to race on the Trek Fuel Ex 9.8. It was amazingly fast and the climbing ability made a huge difference. When other racers were stalling on the uphills, I was able to ride past them. It seemed like all I had to do was turn the pedals and hold on! I can not wait to get some more ride time on the Fuel Ex in hopes of doing even better at the Richmond Xterra.



I used the Suunto t6cand Comfort Belt to track my run, bike, run duathlon. The Foot POD was clipped on my trail shoes and the Bike POD mounted on the Trek Fuel. It seamlessly tracked my speed and distance switching between the runs and bike. I did not check my heart rate during the race but will review it using the Training Manager software to better understand my performance.



The heat did take a toll on me. I will let the finish line picture tell the story. I told myself I would still rather be running through the woods of Browns Island in 98 degree heat then weighing 355 lbs. It was a great day and a great race.



Results:Finish - 2:59:31, Overall - 25 of 94, Men - 24 of 72,  Age Group 9 of 20



USAT Offroad Duathlon 26k Mountain Bike Course Map. This is much of the same course for the Xterra Richmond



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The Van Metre Run for Childrens Hospitalwas the first race I ran ever. It was a year and I still remember lining up that morning cold Virginia spring morning. I was weighing in at 250 lbs. My only expectation was to finish middle of the pack.  I finished the race last year 235 of 577 overall. I was using the race to learn and get ready for the Xterra offroad triathlontwo months later. I was learning about pacing myself, where to pin my bib, and where to position myself at the starting line.



This year I was going back to see how much my running had improved. I knew after a winter of training for my first marathon my running had come a long way. I was feeling good lining up this raining Virginia spring morning. I was weighting in at 193 lbs, 55 pounds lost in the year.  My goal was to run a 7:30 per mile and make sure my IT Banddid not give me any problems. I finished 43 of 493 overall. With each passing mile I was feeling strong and continue to pick up the pace. I was using my Suunto t6cto track my pace. Imagine my surprise when I looked down to found I was running a 6:50 per mile with the last mile being 6:35 per mile pace. This was a new personal best for me in the 5 mile and the 1 mile.


Results 2009: Finish: 34:39, Overall: 43 of 493, Men: 38 of 253, Age Group: 12 of 95 Results 2008: Finish: 41:23, Overall:235 of 577, Men: 179 of 320, Age Group: 67 of 114

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I normally push myself using the "Perceive Effort" principle. I know what my training pace is and where my race pace is but come race day you always go a little fast. The Ex2 5.5 mile trail run was my first race using the Sunnto t6c, Comfort Belt, and Foot POD. I knew going into the race my street pace is a high 6 minute per mile and for the trail I was looking for a mid 7 minute per mile. The last trail race 2 weeks earlier had my IT Band, in my right knee; all twisted up and reduced me to walk. Go into this trail race I want to start a little more conservative to determine how my IT Band was feeling and then pick up the pace.



Looking at my training log, for heart rate and EPOC ([Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption)|<>cnt_id=10134198673963787&FOLDER<>folder_id=9852723697225037&bmUID=i2e6wJx] shows my heart rate slowly coming up for the first half and then a steady state at threshold, close to my max for the second. The EPOC is the amazing part for me as it matches exactly how I was feeling. I was putting it all out there the last mile and raced right to redline. When I came across the finish line, 6th in my age group, I had nothing left.



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I have been using the Suunto t6cfor a week. I mounted the Bike POD to my Trek Madoneto start. I put it on the left chain stay facing down. This allows me to use it on the trainer inside, compared to the front fork. I mounted it facing down so if it slipped into the spokes it would just be pushed back out. Compared to mounting it facing up if it hit a spoke that would be the end of either the Bike POD or spoke. So far it has worked great in this position.



The Foot POD was no problem even with my Yankz shoe lacesI use for a quick transition between the bike and run portion of the triathlons or duathlons.



I was able to get a couple of training rides and runs in using the system. I took a few tries to dial in the setting and the information I wanted to see.  It provides me everything I need right there on my wrist.



Using the Comfort Belt heart rate monitorI am able to upload the workout to the Training Managersoftware for review. Here is my training log from the week. You can easily see the TE (training effect) and determine if I am under training or over training. I am working to create a training plan and better understand how to use the Training Manager.



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1.  The average person loses 13 pounds their first year of commuting by bike.



2.  40% of all car trips in the U.S. are made within 2 miles of home.



3.  60% of the pollution created by autos happens in the first few minutes of operation, before pollution control devices can work effectively.



4.  Just 3 hours of biking per week can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%.



5.  The U.S. could save 462 million gallons of gas a year by boosting bicycle trips just half a percentage point: from 1% to 1.5% of all trips.



Information courtesy of Trek Bicycle Corporation.



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