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One of the muddiest and roughest Xterra's I have done. I have the cuts and bruises to show. You know it's a tough race when they give you a Sog Knife as a trophy.

Super fast swim, followed by a muddy slip n slide ride on the Trek Superfly 100 thru the woods, over the bridge and up the hills. To finish it a wet run thru the mud puddles to the finish.

My good friend, Alexander, helped me with the mantra for this race: "Worry about what I can control, effort-pace-focus!"

Now its time for a vacation with family and friends.

img00101-20110807-1249.jpgimg00103-20110807-1308.jpgxterra appalachia.jpg

Tri Fit

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Jesse Tubb and I rode into Xterra Ex2with a plan to pull a Shake in Bake. I went after the Tri Solo to chase more points to qualify for the USA Championship. While Jesse hit the Duathlon to chase a spot on the podium. Lucky it all came together for us. I took 2nd in the age group getting 67 points and Jesse nailed the 1st place spot on the podium.

This was my 3rd Xterra for the season. I was 2nd in the US point standings Atlantic region, only one point behind 1st place. Everything was set for a great race, course was dry, sun was out, the Superfly 100 was looking, and I was feeling fast. That might have just been the 2 large cups of coffee.

On the first lap of the swim I saw some nasty toes go by and knew right way it was Eric Sorensen. I jumped on his toes, knowing he would have a fast pace. I checked my pace time on Suunto t6d on the short run between swim laps. I was a little ahead of pace but felt good. I could not keep up with Eric and was on my own for the 2nd lap.  I hit T1 and jumped on my Trek Superfly 100and was out on the bike. The Suunto bike pod engaged and I was right on pace. I was confident going into the bike as I had done Ex2Aventures 9hr Cranky Monkey race on the same course 2 months earlier. I rode smart and had no problems. A quick dash in and out of T2 I slipped on my K-Swiss Keahou with the Sunnto foot pod. I was running down the 5 remaining miles. I took a moderate  pace for the first 3 miles. As mile 3 to 4 has you scrambling down rock's and crawling backup the other side. Then I opened it up for the run into the finish.

My nutrition was right on. I had a bar at the being of the bike and GU Roctane gel at the end of the bike. On the run I had a GU Roctane at miles 2 and 4. I sucked back a bottle or two of the course Gatorade.

Crossing the finish in 2nd place gave me enough points to be ranked 1st in the Xterra Atlantic region and 13th nationwide.

I found Jesse in 1st for the Duathlon age group and 2nd overall. We could not be happier with how our day went.

Suunto t6d speed & heart rate link

Xterra Rocky Gap July 2011

Xterra Ex2 bike course map link.

Tri Fit

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I am racing my 3rd Xterra tomorrow for the season. Xterra is a point series to earn a spot for the USA Championship. I am currently ranked 2nd in the Atlantic region. One point behind the first place holder. Hopefully tomorrow will bring me that needed point.

The Trek Superfly 100 is ready to go. I double checked everything and had my last shakeout ride Thursday. I could not be happier with performance of the bike. For my riding style the Superfly 29'er has definitely made me a faster rider.

I didEx2Adventures 9hr Cranky Monkey race at Rocky Gap in May. I was able to get 6 laps completed. It was the best pre-ride training for Xterra will use 90% of the same course.

I have made some adjustments in my transition setup. I will cover my T1 and T2 in a YouTube video next week. I have dialed in my nutrition with GU Energy gels. I have a triple threat bar at the start of the bike,GU Roctane at the end of the bike, and a GU Roctance every 2miles of the run. I wash it all down with GU Brew and try to finish at least 2 bottles.

The results should be out in a few days and I will post another update and video.

Race Fast, Race Safe.

Tri Fit

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I came to Ann Arbor hoping for a great race. Everything came together for me.. Finally no flat tires. The Trek Superfly 100 was the right bike for this fast course. I had a great run and to my surprise 1st place was mine.

This was my 2nd Xterra of the season and the 1st place points put me on the path to the USA Championships.

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IMG00039-20110522-1216.jpgI was 3rd out of water, crushed the swim in 11 minutes. My plan was to pedal smart, hold my position and save it for the run. 5 miles into the bike, I was 4th or 5th and boom....I flated the front tire. I rode it to the rim, changed it as fast as possible. Even a couple of minutes lost on a fast course like Reveille Peak Ranch is the difference between finish at the front or middle of the pack.

I still picked up some point for the Xterra series. Looking forward to the next race.

Thanks for being there:


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Xterra Reveille Peak Ranch

Posted by TriFitRacing May 21, 2011

I'm headed out today for a pre-ride before tomorrows race. If you get the chance to ride at the Reveille Peak Ranch do yourself a favor and get out there. It's a great facility and some of the best single track around. A lot of trails have just one element to offer, twist, rollers, flat, climbs, etc... Not the Reveille it has a trail to offer whatever gets you excited.

This is my first Xterra for the season. I will use it to dial-in my equipment and get a feel for my fitness level. I will be racing on my new Trek Fisher SuperFly 100 29'er. Looks like the trail will be fast, flowing, rocking, with a few climbs. I'll set the bike up today as I go, but my guess will be a tight suspension for fast, flowy and climbs.

I want to thank Jamie at the Rpr for welcoming me and getting me point down the right trail.

Tri Fit Racing

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I am excited to have GU Energy Labs to support my racing nutrition. If you have followed my story, Tri Fit Racing, I have always used the GU gels and Roctane's when training or racing.

With the start of my racing season begin with the Boston Marathon, followed with Xterra andHalf Ironman you can bet I will have GU in my pocket.

After losing 160lbs, going from 355lbs to 190lbs, I am very concerned about what I put in my body. GU has the right blend of nutrition for me to continue my weight loss program and keep me moving.

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!!After a 1000 meter swim, 29k mountain bike and 11k trail run, I crossed the finish line in 2:40:26. It was another great race that started with one of the crazies swim. Due to the rain the river was running fast and deep. I spent most of the swim going diagonal to get across and back. The bike went without question. I held back to pace for a strong run. Maybe a little to much as my bike time was slower than I hoped for. I exceed my run pace and in the last mile turned it on to make the final passing. I think the 5 people in front of me had the same idea as the faster I went, they went faster.


Result: 2:40:26



Overall: 73 of 197



Men: 63 of 160



Age Group: 16 of 37



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Posted by TriFitRacing May 12, 2009


My interview came out today with Metro Sports magazine.



Jonathan Hinkle is half the man he used to be. A former high school football player, Hinkle's weight maxed out at over 355 pounds in his early thirties. In 2005, he set out to reverse his path, first focusing on diet then adding exercise.



As the pounds slowly dropped, his workouts ramped up and he eventually started competing in races for added motivation. This spring, Hinkle weighed in at a remarkable 193 pounds and he placed third in his category at the season's first EX2 Backyard Burn trail run. Hinkle details his long steady adventure towards fitness on his new blog:



What got you motivated to lose so much weight?

A coworker had tried to motivate me for awhile to lose weight. He finally convinced me to try a diet plan that taught me about mini meals mini meals and one sensible meal per day. I used a lot of bars and shakes as mini meals because I didn't have to think about it. Thirty days later, I'd lost around 15 pounds. All of a sudden, I was motivated. I didn't constantly check the scale because I was afraid that if I didn't see a certain number each time I'd be deflated and unmotivated. I just kept noticing that I could pull my belt in more and that was motivating. I had a general goal, but I didn't over-think it and get caught up in the mental game.



When did getting active enter your regime?

I had always enjoyed biking when I was younger. After I lost the first 50 pounds, I borrowed my brother's bike just to try to ride around the neighborhood and I broke it. That pushed me to go buy my own bike. I went to Spokes http://in Ashburn, Va. and they set me up on a full-suspension bike; told me where some of the trails were; and got me started. They became my go-to guys when I had questions and really introduced me to a larger community that I could be involved in. The next year, I was doing 2-hour rides three days per week and another 50 pounds came off. In the third year, I broke my collarbone biking so that got me motivated to try running.



Did you have very specific goals?

In the beginning I didn't want to get caught up in weight goals-chasing the scale or some magic number. To me, there's too much failure in that. The goal was simply to lose weight. After a couple of years, I decided I needed a more specific goal. I was reading a magazine and read about XTERRA. That got me interested in doing the XTERRA East Championships in Richmond. I decided I needed to figure out how to race, so I signed up for a 5-miler that spring. Then I did a few duathalons. The general goal was to lose weight. The events are the short term milestones that give me something to work toward.



You travel for work. How do you stay on track?

Even when I travel around town, I always have a briefcase of snacks-a banana, an orange, nutrition bars, things like that. If I have a big lunch with a client, I'll eat a small dinner or vice versa. When I stay overnight at a hotel, I ask the desk where I can go run or I call a local running to store and see if they have a run. Most YMCAs will let you have a free visit, so I walk in and use the pool. All I need is running shoes, shorts, shirt, goggles and trunks. That's my travel kit.



Any advice for others looking to lose weight?

Be active. Find something you enjoy. If you enjoy it, you'll want to do it. For me, I wanted to go biking. It's the same with food. I found a diet that I enjoy, so I want to follow it. One size doesn't fit all. You've got to find what works for you. You need to find other likeminded people. If I'm overweight or inactive and want to do something about, I need to find likeminded people who will do it with me. You need that community-that support group.



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  It was a great weekend for my first Duathlon of the season. I completed the USAT  National OffroadSaturday, 11k trail run, 26k mountain bike, and a 5k trail run. I had done this event last year but did the Sport distance. I finished the championship distance using it as a tune up for the Florida Half Ironmannext month. I could not have been happier with my performance. I will need to make some adjustments for the heat. It was 98 degrees in Richmond and I was not fully prepared with fluids and nutrition. I did not have enough fuel and going from the bike to the final run, I was fighting leg cramps most of the way.



This was my first opportunity to race on the Trek Fuel Ex 9.8. It was amazingly fast and the climbing ability made a huge difference. When other racers were stalling on the uphills, I was able to ride past them. It seemed like all I had to do was turn the pedals and hold on! I can not wait to get some more ride time on the Fuel Ex in hopes of doing even better at the Richmond Xterra.



I used the Suunto t6cand Comfort Belt to track my run, bike, run duathlon. The Foot POD was clipped on my trail shoes and the Bike POD mounted on the Trek Fuel. It seamlessly tracked my speed and distance switching between the runs and bike. I did not check my heart rate during the race but will review it using the Training Manager software to better understand my performance.



The heat did take a toll on me. I will let the finish line picture tell the story. I told myself I would still rather be running through the woods of Browns Island in 98 degree heat then weighing 355 lbs. It was a great day and a great race.



Results:Finish - 2:59:31, Overall - 25 of 94, Men - 24 of 72,  Age Group 9 of 20



USAT Offroad Duathlon 26k Mountain Bike Course Map. This is much of the same course for the Xterra Richmond



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The Van Metre Run for Childrens Hospitalwas the first race I ran ever. It was a year and I still remember lining up that morning cold Virginia spring morning. I was weighing in at 250 lbs. My only expectation was to finish middle of the pack.  I finished the race last year 235 of 577 overall. I was using the race to learn and get ready for the Xterra offroad triathlontwo months later. I was learning about pacing myself, where to pin my bib, and where to position myself at the starting line.



This year I was going back to see how much my running had improved. I knew after a winter of training for my first marathon my running had come a long way. I was feeling good lining up this raining Virginia spring morning. I was weighting in at 193 lbs, 55 pounds lost in the year.  My goal was to run a 7:30 per mile and make sure my IT Banddid not give me any problems. I finished 43 of 493 overall. With each passing mile I was feeling strong and continue to pick up the pace. I was using my Suunto t6cto track my pace. Imagine my surprise when I looked down to found I was running a 6:50 per mile with the last mile being 6:35 per mile pace. This was a new personal best for me in the 5 mile and the 1 mile.


Results 2009: Finish: 34:39, Overall: 43 of 493, Men: 38 of 253, Age Group: 12 of 95 Results 2008: Finish: 41:23, Overall:235 of 577, Men: 179 of 320, Age Group: 67 of 114

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Last weekend was the fourth and final race of the Ex2Adventures series. I ran in 3 of 4 races.  The first race I finished 3rd in my age group at Prince William Park. Then in the second race I was having IT Band problems and finished 24th at Hemlock Overlook park. I missed the third as I was schedule to run in the Van Metre 5 miler. For the fourth and final race at Wakefield Park I came back with a strong finish in 6th. I finished the series with enough points to place 8th overall for my age group.



In trail racing you see a lot of trip and falls due to the terrain. It finally happened to me in the 4th race. I was around the 2 mile mark coming up to a stream crossing, a muddy stream cross at that. Something caught my right toe and I did a huge barrel role through the mud and landed back on my feet. I had some scrap on the elbows and both calves. Other then be covered in mud and with still 2.5 miles to go I was in good shape. In the spirit of trail racing the number two point series finisher, Reggie Hall, was right behind and stopped to check on me. We never slowed down, but there was a race leader willing to take the time to help out another racer.



After losing 160 lbs, I wanted to point this out as an example of how I was able to stay focused. By being involved in a activity with a group of people working to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle has kept me motivated over the 4yrs. Reggie did not have to check on me, but is not about finishing first or last. It is about accomplishing your individual goals with a group that supports you.



Thanks to the great crew at Ex2 for putting on an outstanding event. I have raced in several of their events and will be competing in the Xterra on July 12thwhich they host in Flintstone, MD. I am already trying to work the Fall Backyard Burnseries in my schedule.  






Race 1, Prince Williams Park - Finished 40:50, Overall 12 of 212, Men 10 of 108, Age Group 3 of 37



Race 2, Hemlock Overlook Park - Finished 54:48. Overall 78 of 192, Men 44 of 103, Age Group 24 of 44



Race 4, Wakefield Park - Finished 38:47, Overall 15 of 212, Men 14 of 110, Age Group 6 of 53



Point Series - 8th



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This June 13-14, Richmond's epic outdoor adventure opportunities are on display with more than a dozen different dirt-and-river themed races. Highlighting it all is the XTERRA Atlantic Cup, the gnarliest off-road triathlon on the planet, that first made its impression here back in 1999.



Your regional championship is the XTERRA Atlantic Cup(formerly the XTERRA East Championship) at Brown's Island in downtown Richmond, VA on Sunday, June 14.



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