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Tri Fit Racing

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Xterra Reveille Peak Ranch

Posted by TriFitRacing May 21, 2011

I'm headed out today for a pre-ride before tomorrows race. If you get the chance to ride at the Reveille Peak Ranch do yourself a favor and get out there. It's a great facility and some of the best single track around. A lot of trails have just one element to offer, twist, rollers, flat, climbs, etc... Not the Reveille it has a trail to offer whatever gets you excited.

This is my first Xterra for the season. I will use it to dial-in my equipment and get a feel for my fitness level. I will be racing on my new Trek Fisher SuperFly 100 29'er. Looks like the trail will be fast, flowing, rocking, with a few climbs. I'll set the bike up today as I go, but my guess will be a tight suspension for fast, flowy and climbs.

I want to thank Jamie at the Rpr for welcoming me and getting me point down the right trail.

Tri Fit Racing

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Kimani Nielsen and Jonathan Hinkle

Kimani and I pedaled into the Ex2Adventures 9hr Cranky Monkey race with a expectation to have fun. First or last as long as we had fun getting there. Between us we hammered out 11 laps of fun. I could not have pedaled with a better partner. We are already discussing what in next on the duo team race schedule.

Results: Overall 16th of 166. Age group 8th of 21.

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I am excited to have GU Energy Labs to support my racing nutrition. If you have followed my story, Tri Fit Racing, I have always used the GU gels and Roctane's when training or racing.

With the start of my racing season begin with the Boston Marathon, followed with Xterra andHalf Ironman you can bet I will have GU in my pocket.

After losing 160lbs, going from 355lbs to 190lbs, I am very concerned about what I put in my body. GU has the right blend of nutrition for me to continue my weight loss program and keep me moving.

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I finished the Gasparilla 15k and 5k race this morning as part of the Ultra Challenge. Time to rest and get ready for the big day tomorrow.

Suunto t6d unoffical time: 15k - 1:12:33 & 5k - 23:53 both at a 7:45 pace.

Tomorrow brings the Half Marathon and 8k.

Tri Fit Racing

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Team Nameless & Shameless ran the Ragnar Relay 190 miles Miami to Key West. We had the Chrome stickers on the vans, so people knew whats up!

We finished 12th overall and 5th in our division. Plus our vans where BA.

Ragnar Miami-Key West Jan 2011

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I am running 31 miles this weekend as part of the CAF team in Tampa at the Gasparilla Distance Classic.

I will run my 31 miles over 2 days in 4 races. Starting with a 15k and 5k on Saturday and ending with a Half Marathon and 8k on Sunday. Please help me support the CAF and as always you're more then welcome to run with me.

tri fit racing

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8 Workout Mistakes You Probably Make.

Mistake #1: Not Eating Enough

Mistake #2: Not Resting Enough

Mistake #3: Not Incorporating Resistance Training

Mistake #4: Slacking on Technique and Form

Mistake #5: Not Varying the Types of Workouts

Mistake #6: Setting Unrealistic Goals

Mistake # 7: Not Stretching

Mistake #8: Not Completely Focusing on Your Workout

tri fit racing

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Workout - 3200 meters/yards

Warm Up Set:
4 x 200 (swim, kick, pull, swim)

Pull Set:
200 pull on base
4 x 100 pull on base
200 pull on base

Main Set:
4 x 100 moderate pace on base +5 seconds
100 fast
2:00 rest
4 x 100 moderate pace on base +5 seconds
2 x 50 fast (15 sec between each 50)
2:00 rest
4 x 100 moderate pace on base +5 seconds
4 x 25 fast (10 sec between each 25)

100 easy cool down

Tri Fit

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Brooks Run Happy University

Posted by TriFitRacing Feb 16, 2011

What do a ring master and a human Jesus lizard have to do with running? No, not the Bay to Breakers though good guess… Brooks Run Happy University is the common thread.

Last year saw the birth of the Brooks Run Happy University, a program open to those who purchase a pair of Brooks shoes.  The program offers anyone from beginners to elite runners a community to join of like minded runners .  The goal is to provide resources and tools to support runners in their running journey and educate them on anything and everything running -  from nutrition to training advice.

In 2010 Brooks also rolled out their Run Happy Cavalcade of Curiosities -   a custom double-decker bus featuring all things carnival.  “The Brooks Cavalcade of Curiosities brings to life our passion for running and our ‘Run Happy’ ethos in a new and captivating way.  Ultimately, runners receive expert advice on their running technique and are recommended the perfect shoe for their stride, but all is skinned in a celebratory and fun way,” said Brooks Vice President of Marketing Dave Larson.  The carnival on wheels made its debut at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego and the tour has since brought entertainment and education to towns all across the nation following the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series.

“Let’s face it, no one loves using a porta potty on race day,” said Dyana Berger, Marketing Programs Manager for Brooks Running.  So at each Rock ‘n’ Roll event Brooks offers a very unique experience for those who purchase more than $150 of Brooks gear at the expo – entry into the RunHappy VIP restroom trailers, which means hot running water, flush toilets, and a few extra goodies, including GU Chomps.

So why use a porta potty when you can have the VIP bathroom treatment thanks to Brooks?

So next time someone asks you, “run happy?” your affirmative answer might mean more than you had once thought.

To learn more about Brooks Run Happy University or follow the tour go to or follow it on Twitter (@brooksrunning) and Facebook (

Tri Fit Racing

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Austin Town Lake Run

Posted by TriFitRacing Feb 16, 2011

When in Austin one must run the Town Lake trail, its a law. At least I think it is. I strapped on my K-Swiss Ultra Ntrl IIwith my Suunto foot pod and got one full lap around the lake. It put me at 10.25 miles.

My plan is to hit it again tomorrow and Friday. I hoping for 35 miles over the 3 days.

Tri Fit Racing

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Half Ironman Championship, Nov 2010

Half  Ironman Championship started like any 70.3 miles of  swim, bike, run! It was 4:30am on Nov 13th, I was having my standard pre-race breakfast, EAS Myoplex Lite ready to drink shake, banana and 2 cups of coffee. I got to transition by 5:15am. A quick check on the Trek TTX I was all set. This was a clean transition race. Bike bags and Run bags had been dropped off the day before.  There was no setup to be done other then a little air in the tires.

I grabbed the Xterra Vector Pro wetsuit to make my way over to the swim start for a few warm up laps. I was feeling good, feeling fast. At least I was thinking fast thoughts. As always, 30 minutes before go time, I have my EAS Lite nutrition bar.  I lined up on the inside right, thinking I would avoid some of the crowd. Little did I know I was down stream from the current. I spent the going out swim leg fighting to stay on the swim course. A quick run through T1 I was jumping on the TTX.

I took it easy the first half and pedaled like a mad man on the way back. Being on the Trek TTX and a  little tail wind did not hurt either. My bike splits had me at 22.48 first half and 24.95 coming home.

Soon I was on the run. I was putting down the miles in my new K-Swiss Ultra-Ntrl Runii. I had been looking for some racing flat style shoes. Jon Siebrecht from K-Swiss helped me find the right pair a few days before at the Ironman expo. I started out a little fast and found my pace after a few miles. My good friends Jon & Linda Ann were cheering me on from top of the bridge with each pass. Even when I was hurting I had to at least make it look easy, while running past them. I dug deep and found the kick for the finish line.

The Sunnto t6d kept me on schedule  using the Bike Pod and Foot Pod. The mileage on the log is a little off. I forgot to check the calibration on the foot pod.

I was pushing for a PR and shaved off 2 minutes for a 4:42:26 finish.

Tri Fit

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Shenandoah 100

Sept 5th, 2010 stated like any Sunday morning mountain bike ride....650 friends, 100 miles to go, and almost 10,000ft of climbing. It was time for the Shenandoah 100. Alexander Castro, Kimani Nielsen and I started together but soon become separated by the mass start. I just stuck to the plan pedal, pedal I did. Remember when all least fails, your hurting, your hungry, out of water, and full of pain just pedal. Everyone has their mantra, might was "keep pedaling".

This was the most punishment I have had on a bike, physically, mentally and emotionally. I would not trade those 10hrs for anything. I would rather be on the trail with good friends any day.

I rode the Trek Fuel 9.8 and would not change a thing. I had the rear suspension on firm, maybe I would have set it in the middle to soften up some of the trail abuse while descending.

I had my Camelpak loaded. I would ride with half a bladder instead of full. My thinking is the light load would payoff. They aid stations where so fast to re-fill not time was lost. Nutrition, I would light my load there to. Only 1 or 2 bars and gel's. The aid station had everything you need, not carry the extra weight. Of course throw in a couple of the Kimani rice cake, there is always room for those little bundles of goodness.

Would I do it again...TBD. To Be Determined.

Course Map:
Shenandoah 100

The battery die just a couple of miles from the finish.

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Ragnar Relay DC, Sept 2010

Team Nameless & Shameless runs down another Ragnar Relay. This is the 3rd relay we have done. It is only getting better. I could not think of a better bunch of people to be with. Keep in mind when you live in a van with 5 others for 36hrs, that is a lot of closest.

The heat did slow us down a little this year with a 30:00:20 finish. Putting us 36 of 226 teams.

The team is schedule to run Ragnar Miami to Key West in January. We are planning for another great race.

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