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I was in Austin a couple of weeks ago and got a chance to jump in on the Hill Country Running Company Thursday morning group run. I wanted to thank Nate, Jamie and Andrea.

We met at the store and headed over to Barton Spring. Due to the flooring we ran interval laps alternating between long and short with a few hills mixed in. I was recovering from racing the Shenandoah 100 and this was a prefect warmup workout for me.

In my travels I meet a lot of people but Hill Country made me feel welcomed and part of their running group.

Thanks again and I will check in with you next time in the ATX.

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Marine Corps Marathon, Oct 2010

I had another great marathon with a 3:43:48 finish at the Marine Corp. This was my second one this year. I ran this for fun and tried not to worry about my time to much. I was invited to run with Foundation to Eradicate Duchenn team. They provided great pre and post race support. My only task was to run. Run I did.


Finish – 3:43:48

Overall – 2409 of 21,886

Men – 1980 of 13,215

Age Group – 321 of 2143

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Skyline Dr

Alexander and I headed out to the Shenandoah National Park to ride Skyline Dr. We setup at Big Meadow camp ground. This put us right in the middle of the 105 mile Skyline Dr at mile post 51.

The plan was to ride 2 days,  North to the entrance at Front Royal and back. Then head south to Rockfish Gap and back. We covered the North trip, but hit rain and lots of fog on the South leg. The fog was overwhelming as you can see the pictures. We only made it 26 miles before turning back.

104 mile Northern Leg Map, Skyline Dr

56 mile Southern Leg Map, Skyline Dr

What every you do, DONT forget your climbing legs. We estimate with the out and back trips easily 14,000ft of climbing over the 200 miles.

It was a great cycling and a great time with a good friend. We are already planning the next trip.

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Florida Half Ironman course map

I got a training run in on the Florida Half Ironman course a couple of weeks ago. It is a 3 loop course using pavement and grass canal paths on the Disney property. I snapped a couple of pic's of my fan's cheering me on. The canal path portion is closed with a sign of "Do not enter". I took that to mean jump over here in Triathlon translation.

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Charleston 70.3 Triathlon - May 2010

I had a great race and a great time finishing the Try Charleston half. As always Set Up Events put on an outstanding tri. This was my first half of the session. I was using the Try Charleston half to dial in my pace, break in the new gear and try some new things in transition to save some more time.  It was also a chance to do some sight-seeing as I was born in Charleston, kind of going home to race thing.

Swim and bike went as planned, right on pace. I got in and out of T1 and T2 faster than ever. I did no socks on the bike, with putting my bike shoes on but not bucking until I got on the bike. Did the same coming off the bike, unbuckled but ran in and kicked them off in T2.

The run started off on pace but slowly the wheels got wobbly and I found myself run/walking between mile 8-10. I was melting in the heat. We did not get any shade or breezed until mile 10. I kept a the feet moving and crossed the finish.

I used my new Tri suite Descente C6. Not only comfortable its makes me look fast. Saucony set me up with a new pair of the Progrid Guide 3's. This is a change from using the Triumph 6 & 7's. I was showing a some signs of over pronation. The Trek TTX got some new Bontrager tires and tubes. It was smoke'n fast with a 23mph pace. The TTX is just an amazing bike. I used the Suunto t6c, as always, to stay on pace. I soon as the wheels are moving the Bike Pod picks up and once the feet are running the Foot Pod picks up. When chasing PR's I can not tell you how important it is to have one device to track your swim, bike & run.

I still had a personal best with a 4:44:20 finish.

Results: Overall - 18 of 335, Men - 18 of 256, Age Group 2 of 45

Best of all I was in Charleston, it was a great race, and I continued my weight loss adventure.

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Dr. Chang of Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery made a generous donation in supporting me to race with the Challenged Athletes Foundation. I am racing with the CAF at the Florida Half Ironman this weekend in hopes of a top ten age group finish.

With Aesthetica's help I have been able to raise over $1000.00.

Thanks Again for your donation and support.

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American Odyssey Relay - Apr 2010

Nameless and Shameless runs again. We finished the 200 mile American Odyssey Relay from Gettysburg, PA to Washington DC. This was the second team relay and we have already scheduled two more. We add 4 new runners to the core 7 members for a team of 11. We were one person short due to last minutes changes. We took the race running and 3 of us picked up a 4th leg.

The course was great and the weather could not have been better.It had been a snowy winter for most of us so getting the training miles in was a little hard for an early spring race. We had a couple of runners get off course in the mid of the night but otherwise the team was in great shape. With warmer days in front of us we will be looking forward to racing Ragnas DC in September followed by Ragnar Miami in January.

Looks like most of the team will run again but we always look forward to sharing the road with some newbies.

The team relay continues to be some of the most fun I have racing all year. Where else can you live in a van for 36 hours. I could not have found a better bunch of friends to spend it with.

Team Results: 28:28:00

My 4 Legs:

1st at 2:06pm 8.4miles - 00:57:09

2nd at 10:13pm, 4.2miles - 00:27:27

3rd at 6:11am, 4.3miles - 00:29:10

4th at 2:51pm, 6.6miles - 00:45:53

Total mileage for me 23.75

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Jonathan Hinkle marathon results

Gasparilla Tampa Feb 2010

I finished the Gasparilla Marathon with only seconds to spare to make the Boston Marathon time cut off. I needed a 3:15:00 finish for the 35 to 39 age group. My finish-line sprint put me in at 3:14:57!

It was a cool Tampa morning at the start and I did not know if I had a 3:15 finish in me. I followed my pacing splits and at 2:15:00 I knew it was within my reach. I had already decided not to chase Boston and this was my shot at it.

You can see from my Suunto log I was pushing the edge of my zone 2, peaking on my finish line dash.

Suunto t6c training log

I want to thank fellow run David Steehler from Fort Lauderdale. We found ourselves running the same pace. After sharing 15 miles I found out David had already qualified for Boston and was using the Garparilla as a training race to get ready. We ran the Gasparilla together and will out his encouragement I would not have made the 3:15 cutoff.

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Turkey makes cyclist slow?

Posted by TriFitRacing Feb 14, 2010


Not all turkeys slow you down but this one not only slowed me down, I had to stop. I was trying to get a quick lunch time ride in and 2 miles from the house I came across this Turkey hanging out in the neighborhood.


Is there not laws against Turkeys just hanging on street corners in the mid of the day?!?!


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Biospeed Bag

I used the Biospeed Travel Case for transporting my Trek TTX 9.8 to the Longhorn Half Ironman in Austin, TX. A call to Blue CompetitionHQ in Georgia help me find a local dealer in Maryland. A short drive later I was headed back home to Northern Virginia with my new bike bag.

I had consulted with anyone I could find who had traveled with a bike. For every success story of shipping or flying with a bike had an equal story of broken parts and bikes. In my search I only came across positive results of flying your bike using the Biospeed Travel Case.

I followed the packing instructions to the letter. I used some of the packing tips from the Pros. The airline did not asking any questions going but on the way back they hit me with large bag fees. I have a call into customer service asking for a fee refund. We'll see what happens.


Once everything was strapped in I used the Pro tips, zipped tied the chain to the big ring and placed foam pipe tubing on everything.

I used rubber bands around the brake levels to close them and keep them low profile. The shift levels are in the middle position to keep them covered w/ the foam piping.

extra padding

After everything was in place, I took a sheet of large bubble wrap, placed it over the top and down each side. I had two foam shipping blocks, I placed one over the top of the seat mast and the other over the top of the stem.
The Trek TTX made it from NoVa to Austin and back without a scratch.



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Finishers medal

I finished the Longhorn Half Ironman in Austin, TXsetting a Personal Record of 4:50:23 finish. The PR was unexpected as my focus was a fast swim and transitions.  I had not been able to put the training time into the bike and had been nursing a sore Achilles with little running time.Bike

After a fast swim and T1 I held on through the bike. Once on the run I saw the PR was possible and just needed to maintain my pace.  The run course was three loops and fill with something different at every corner. From Bands every mile, snacks, candy, all kinds of hydration, cold sponges and towels. So much to choice from I had to skip a few things and keep moving.



Finish - 4:50:23

Overall - 123 of 1991

Men - 71 of 1458

Age group - 17 of 340

Longhorn Half Ironman, Austin TX Oct 09

This was my 18th race of the year and with Fall/Winter coming to North Virginia, it was my last Tri of the season.

It to let the body heal, spend sometime reflecting and catch up.

At least for 2 weeks as it is almost time to start Marathon training. Gasparilla Marathon here I come.

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I took the starting line in Washington DC at the Army 10 miler with 21,289 other people on Oct 4th. It could not have a better day for a 10 mile run through DC. I was fortunate to be wearing the new Saucony Triumph 7’s. I had received them a couple of days before. Not only do they look fast, they made me feel fast.Start

I set a PR of 1:11:53 finish, which put me on a 7:11/mile pace. I did not start with that in mind. The first 2 miles rolled by at 8:00/mile pace and then the congestion thinned out and I eased the speed up a little mile after mile. Next thing I knew the finish line was in sight.



Finish – 1:11:53

Overall – 1306 of 21,289

Men – 1168 of 11690

Age Group – 194 – 2146DC


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Ragnar Relay, Washington DC Sept 09

After living in a van for 36 hours we finished the Ragnar Relay, Washington DC in 27:50:30 hrs. This put us in 18th overall and a 3rd place for our division. This was my 16th race of the 2009 season and I would put this as one of the fun'est events I have done. As a 12 member team we each had to run 3 legs of the 199 miles between Cumberland, MD and Washington, DC. My 3 runs were a total of 21.8 miles with the first being 9.2 miles around 3pm, followed with a 4.8 mile at 2am and lastly a 8.9 miler the next morning at 10am.

Beyond chasing the clock and setting new PR’s this race, for me, was about the 12 people you are racing. I could not think of a better bunch of people to share this great experience.

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After 70.3 miles of swim, bike, & run, I finished the Patriot triathlon in 4:52:40. My goal was to set a "Personal Record" and break the 5hr mark. Coming off the bike, I knew I was racing in the top 20 and gave the run everything I had.

I finished 2nd in my age group, 14th in men and 15th overall.

Patriot half 70.3 Triathlon Results: 4:52:40

Overall: 15 of 503

Age group: 2 of 61

Men: 14 of 346

Rank SWIM,  Rank T1,   Rank BIKE,   Rank T2,  Rank RUN,    TIME
 7 - 37:39, 22 - 4:34, 2 - 2:30:31, 4 - 1:10, 5 - 1:38:48, 4:52:40

Compared to my Florida Half Ironman finish of 5:19:57, I was asked how did I cut the 20 minutes off of my time. The short answer, training and equipment.

Training: I focused on speed and pace. My long works were about explosiveness with lots of sprints and intervals. I had the base training to finish but now needed to work on my speed. I will post my training log showing my workouts in the next couple of days.

Gear: The biggest difference was racing on the Trek TTX 9.9 with Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 carbon wheels. This improved my bike pace from 20.5 miles per hour to 23 miles per hour. The TTX is crazy fast. It is amazing to be pedaling along under your own power at 28-30 miles per hour. Don't get me wrong, you still need the horsepower in your legs to drive the pedals. With time and training on the Trek TTX I can still have more speed improvements to come.

I used the Suunto t6c w/ heart rate monitor, Bike Pod, and Foot Pod. I knew my exact time and pace at any point. Coming out of the swim, I was right on pace; on the bike my heart rate was low and I was pushing 23mph. I got into the run starting at 8:15/mile for the first couple of miles. With my heart rate in a comfort zone I picked it up to 8:00/mile. At mile 8 I was still running in the top 20 group of finishers. After managing my race and pace, others started to fade on the last 5 miles. I was able to pick up the last couple of miles to a 7:30/mile pace.   My goal was to finish under 5hrs and the Suunto triathlete package made managing the clock a no brainer.

Of course my Saucony Triumph 6. I am on my third pair of  Triumph 6's silver/black/red. Once I switched from theSaucony Paramount last year I knew I was in the right shoe. I have over a thousand miles, dozen of short to mid distance races, 2 Half Ironman's and a Marathon running in these shoes. I will continue to race the Triumph 6's. When it is right, it is right. Dont second guess yourself.

Jonathan Hinkle Patriot half Pictures.

Patriot half ironman Sept 09

The 2nd place finished earned me a wine glass trophy, a bottle of Williamsburg wine, and a Final Kick gift certificate.

Above all else a place in our memories that will last forever, Jonathan and Christina Hinkle.


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