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I will be in Orlando next week for work and will head over to for a training run on the Florida Half Ironman. I want to check out the transition area, drive the bike course and I will run the half marathon on Monday afternoon and again Wednesday morning before flying home. This will give me a chance to check things out and get two long runs in while on the road. Tuesday I look for a pool to get a swim workout. It will give me a good start for the week with training hours and a chance to get sometime on the course. 



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The IT Band is one of the leading causes of lateral knee pain in runners. The iliotibial tract is a superficial thickening of tissue on the outside of the thigh, extending from the outside of the pelvis, over the hip and knee, and inserting just below the knee.


I had problems last year with my left knee but now it was my right knee. I did a 14 mile run Wednesday in Atlanta and my IT Band went crazy. The 5.5 mile Ex2 trail race Sunday was more than it could take. After 3.5 miles of running the technical hills at Hemlock Overlook park was too much. I was reduced to a walk and finished at the back of the pack. One comforting thing as all the runners were passing me, almost everyone asked if I was okay or needed anything. One lady offered to carry me if I needed it.


I had been so busy working on the left IT, I never did much with the right side. The folks at Potomac River Running had sent me up with a form roll and The Stick last time. I broke them out after the race and got to work stretching the bad IT Band. Marcus sent me this great YouTube link showing how to work on it. Ex2Adventure Race #2 Results:



Finished: 54:48



Overall: 78 of 191



Men: 62 of 103



Age Group: 24 or 44



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Due to the popularity of the ING New York Marathon, most Age Grouper's have to submit a lottery application. I got mine in a few days ago. We will see what happens when they draw names in June.



Lottery Applications

Lottery applications from individuals with a U.S. address will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on June 1, 2009. Non-U.S. lottery applications will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on May 1, 2009.

Because the number of applicants will exceed the number of spaces available, we will not be able to accept all applicants. NYRR will hold the lottery drawing for U.S. applicants in early June.



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Let me introduce the one and only Mr. 3rd Place. This was my first race of the 2009 season and I was feeling good going into it. I had just picked up my new Adidas trail shoes the day before and I was ready to race. I kept telling myself in the last mile the guy in front of me was 5th and passing him would be the difference between finishing 5th or 6th. You can imagine my surprise to see my name in 3rd. I have not made it on the podium before. I just stood there looking at my name for a few minutes, taking it all in. I had to go back and check it a few times, thinking someone had a made a mistake.



I used my Nike Plusto track my distance and my Nike Triax Chrono to time it. I did not carry my Garmin to record the route. I did not want anything in my hands during a trail race. Sometimes it is best not to know your splits or place, I just ran faster thinking I was behind.



This was a great race to work on my speed and trail running skills. Best of all it was 70 degrees and I was outside with a great group of people.



Ex2Adventure Results:

Finish: 40:50

Overall: 12 of 213

Male: 10 of 108

Age Group: 3 of 37



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Sunday March 8th, marks the first race of my season. I am scheduled to race in 2 of the 4 trail races hosted by Ex2Adventures. I am going to use these as training races and choice to do the 5 mile race instead of the 10 mile series. The race tomorrow is at the Prince William Forest Park, I have never been there but knowing Jim Harman it will be a first class trail race. I am excited about the race as much as being part of a group leading a healthy lifestyle, and getting outdoors. It does matter if you are first or last just that you tried.


I got my new trail shoes for tomorrow. Not only do they make me feel fast but they make my legs look sexy!





Race Fast, Race Safe.



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I started February weighting in at 198.8.



My weight bounced between 195 and 200 this month, a little more than I wanted. I contribute the variance to increasing my workout schedule. I have stuck with my basic plan and increased my mini meals to 200 calories each. I added Kashi TLC Crunchy Granola Bars,  Honey Toasted 7-Grain and Roasted Almond Crunch. At 180 calories these were a tasty snack and added some variety.



On swim days I start at 5:45am. I have additional meal of fresh melon and yogurt.



On days with long workouts of 2 hrs or more I take a GU energy gel or a South Beach Cereal Bar with me and eat it at the half way point.



I use Gatorade G2on my long bike rides. I found 50 calorie powder you mix with water. These work great for my 2hr runs and 3hr bike rides.



I weighted in today at 197.0. My goal for March is to maintain.



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I got off to a great start in February. I had 8 swim sessions, 7 Bike workouts and 11 runs. The winter weather had me moving the training schedule around and I lost some riding days. I tried to get my core workout every other day.



Going into March my race schedule starts and I have a race each weekend. Depending on the race I will work in a long bike ride 1 or 2 days before or afterwards. I will also add a brick work mid week, where I complete a bike and follow with a run. Depending on the schedule on want to get 2 long runs, 15 to 18 miles. As you can see it will be a busy month. My training goal will be to build up to a strong 4 hour session.



Florida Half Ironman74 days and counting!



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I got back from my trip to Miami, Lauderdale and Tampa this past week. I was able to get a 10k run at Lauderdale beach, going north along A1A. Then a half marathon along Bayshore Dr in Tampa later in the week. It was a nice change of weather and scenery from my winter workouts here in Leesburg, VA. Both runs in Florida had me in shorts and a t-shirt with a nice sweat going, compared to my road and mountain bike rides over the weekend. Sunday morning 10am, 30 degrees warm, I join the crew from[Trails End Cycling|] in Purcellville, VA for a 38 mile road ride. Compared to my Florida running gear a few days earlier I had put on every warm layer of clothing I could find that morning. The owner, John, hosts a Sunday morning ride and thanks to Mike showing me some crazy hills I soon found my sweat.


As a business traveler I try to not let my schedule slow down my training. I found throwing the in my bag, I can run anywhere and with the winter days at home it allows me to log some miles in some great cities. I had always used my Nike Plus to track the miles and this last trip I carried my Garmin GPS I use on my bikes to record the routes. The only drawback was I had to hold it the in my hand. I am now in search of a Garmin or Suunto "watch" style GPS I can strap on.  



I am headed to Denver next week and will hopefully get to run downtown along the river. The only catch is I might have to bring my winter gear. I will use the Garmin again and will upload the runs next weekend.



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