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Iron Tattoo

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Happy Birthday to Me

Posted by TriNaturally Dec 10, 2007

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday yada yada yada. I am still in the same age group so no big deal. Did get to spend most of the day in my birthday suit so that was cool. Finally started swimming again which is like saying the tortoise started running again. I am sooo slow in the water! The cut-off time on the swim is 2 hrs 20 minutes so I should have 20 minutes to spare. Makes it easy to find my bike!!!

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I Registered!

Posted by TriNaturally Dec 2, 2007

I set the alarm on my phone so I wouldn't forget when noon arrived. Usually I have no trouble identifying the middle of the day, sun at its zenith and all. However today I wanted to know precisely when it arrived. I had a date, a date with the keyboard and the opening of a website registration. I had to be ready. I checked the company spam filter to be sure the site was not blocked though I had my personal laptop in the car and knew the location of the closest wifi spot in case it was blocked. My phone chirped as an afterthought since I was already online waiting. Hey, I can take my lunch break anytime I want. It was noon, the site was open and I was there. Name, address, waivers checked, screw the optional stuff, credit card number ready, SUBMIT, Registration Successful, print receipt. Egad, what have I done? $500 registration fee to spend every weekend for a year training for a single race? This is crazy!! Nah, this is Ironman. Ironman Arizona opened a second race for 2008. All the other Ironman races are closed so this is my last chance for 2008. A typical Ironman sells out in about an hour online yet I made this one. Hopefully my preparation for the race will be as good as the preparation for registration. Yes, there are other iron distance races but the M-Dot brand is special, it's recognized, it's a freakin tattoo! I texted my training partner Tracy, he was in also. So the journey begins...

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I want an M-Dot tattoo and this is the unfolding story of my quest for it. The only obstacle to overcome is 140 miles of combined swimming, cycling and running to complete an Ironman triathlon. So I signed up for Ironman Arizona, November 2008 and ...

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