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The Name Game

Posted by Trish18 Nov 30, 2007

A few notable things that I've been meaning to jot down and share:


1. After reading that a couple from Michigan City, Indiana named their newborn boy, "Wrigley," a while ago, I think it's safe to say they are the most devoted Cubs fans out there. It gets better-their last name is Fields. That's right, my friends... Wrigley Fields. The couple mentioned that he would have the option of going by his middle name of Alexander when he gets older.


2. Continuing with baby names but shifting to the other side of the world, a more than 3,500 Chinese babies have been named Aoyun, which means "Olympics" in Mandarin. It seems that this unique name is not solely being used to honor the Games themselves, but also with hopes of injecting some Olympian spirit into Chinese youth.


3. Lastly, University of Missouri's football team was named #1 in the nation in this week's BCS poll. West Virginia received the #2 slot. If both teams win their remaining game they will meet in the national title contest.


It didn't take long before Mike Freeman published an editorial in which he said, "I want to see this game because it would be the least anticipated and most undesirable title game in modern college football history," and would be, "dreadful to watch."


I've heard this sentiment echoed by several sports writers and commentators. However, Mizzou and UWV both have highly explosive offenses. They are playing great football. Does the lack of interest come from neither program having a long-standing tradition of bowl game appearances? Is it a location issue? Would this national championship match-up be equivalent to a World Series without the Yankees or Red Sox?

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