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I've always thought that running indoors vs. outdoors was a matter of preferance. It still is. Yet I believe that if you are training in the summertime for a running event, you absolutely, positively HAVE TO train outdoors. At least 85-90% of the time. And while there are going to be those days when the conditions are going to be unfavorable (heavy rain, etc), indoor running is a must but serious, you have to experience all of the running conditions outdoors. 1. Indoor running cannot simulate the outdoor temperature that your body cannot adjust to. 2. Indoor running, to a degree, cannot compensate for the many dips and turns and other road conditions that you have to adjust your stride for. 3. Indoor running, in my opinion, is just not that realistic in all other areas to race day conditions. 4. Indoor running tempo and breathing are far different when running outdoors.


I just finished a 5K this morning and wow, what a difference. While this is my opinion, I just discovered, for the first time on the difference between running on a treadmill for a few weeks and running outdoors. That humidity just killed my legs and made my legs feel like jelly. I finished ok, but I could have done soooooo much better had I spent more time outdoors on the trails, pavements and running tracks. If its raining, I'll hit that treadmill hard but after today, NO MAS!!


Has anyone been successful solely training indoors during summer?

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