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The Old Run and Gun

Posted by Vaus Oct 27, 2009

                                                                                                                                    27 Roctober 2009

Well, welcome to my blog.  Here is how to enjoy a beginning, a middle and an end.  I just saw a posting from a woman who wrote "from Couch to 5K, 60lbs. overweight!"  And, I say this.  Sure feels good to know that it could be worse, it always can be.  Also, that now matter where you are in life physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.  Running is a cure-all, just not overnight.  It's a building process, like a college career, business career, home or any relationship.  However, running can help you motivate and process things better.  It's a metaphor for life if you will.

My running has always been there.  Sometimes I've really ramped it up to rally into high gear.  You just have to now and then.  I'd say that my running peaked in Basic Training in the U.S.  Army and I'd love to get back to those  9 wks. of intensity.  Running under the 7 minute mile is awesome!  Stretching is vastly important though.

Yesterday I ran with Chancellor a mile or so over a 4 mile walk.  A relationship breakup and ice cream did me in over the summer.  I didn't train hardly at all.  So, since last few weeks of late August, Sept. and early OCT. I've picked it up.  I will be getting more serious as time goes by.  I have a new girlfriend who seems to really dig it although she wains interest.  Either way, I ran with her at Mt.  Tom in the rough trails off and on.  Then, we took out her new NB 1224s to the trail.  I was an adventure hike.  I think when she skips the gym that I will make her run with me after work or before work at 0'dark :30!!! Plus, it'll be a great way for us to rally each other and catch up on current events.  She's cool that way ya'll...Hope everyone finds their perfect running mate.

We do love breads, which is not good nor recommended.  As I look at my Buddha belly stocking up for winter, I think hell no.  So, even as it get colder.  I must run daily.  If not, every other in moderation and get to 212, then 185 for marathons.

In closing, I will just say this.  My run today was mild to the fields above Smith past their track and through the woods.  I stopped to me Hank Ross and his two English Pointers.  Chancellor is still sleeping since that pup of 2 ran him down.  He did have some moves on Sierra and I got almost a mile in.  Now, it's off to ride 18 miles home to Belchertown with or without rain.  I need to keep up the heart rate, duties of finding new gainful employment (which is another reason to run in the am and feed my house mouse hunters!)

Thanks for visiting and I will try to complete a full mile once again.  Doing 5Ks help as well with others!

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