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2 Posts tagged with the enlargement tag science behind peniss enlargement is based upon centuries of experimentation and research, as well as an in-depth understanding of this intricate part of the male anatomy.


Let's have a look at exactly how and why peniss enlargement, when done right, can be so effective — and how to help you see the results you desire.

The anatomy of the peniss


The peniss is made up of 3 main areas:


    * The two large chambers on the top are called the "Corpora Cavernosa"

    * The smaller chamber on the bottom is called the "Corpus Spongiosum"


In an erect state, the peniss fills with blood, essentially filling these three chambers. However, the Corpus Spongiosum (that smaller chamber on the bottom) is used primarily when you urinate and *********.


The larger chambers that make up the Corpora Cavernosa are responsible for holding 90 percent of all the blood that is retained every time you have an erection.


The size of these chambers determines the amount of blood that can fill them — which in turn determines the length and girth of your peniss. So it follows that the best way to enlarge your peniss is to increase the size of your Corpora Cavernosa, thereby increasing the amount of blood these chambers will hold... and making your peniss both longer and wider.


It's impossible for this expansion to happen on its own, though. You must use proven, effective peniss enlargement techniques to foster the growth of your Corpora Cavernosa.

How to enlarge your Corpora Cavernosa


The bad news is that the capacity of your Corpora Cavernosa to fill with blood during arousal limits the length and thickness of your erection — and this function can decrease as you age.


The good news is that clinical testing has proven that the penile tissue of the Corpora Cavernosa will increase in capacity and function more effectively when exposed to specific natural ingredients.


With the right blend of natural supplements, you will see not only an increase in the length and girth of your erections... You will also experience an increased libido, harder erections, increased staying power, and more intense erections.


And the best part is, you can experience all of these benefits quickly, discreetly, and naturally.


The right male enhancement supplement can guarantee you a larger, fuller peniss and a more satisfying sex life in a matter of days, with no painful exercises or traction devices.

What to look for in a male enhancement supplement


To find a male enhancement supplement that contains the right ingredients in the exact dosages required to yield maximum results, you need to make sure you use only top-of-the-line products.


The industry leader in all-natural male enhancement products is called VigRX Plus. It's a doctor-approved formulation of proven herbal and medicinal ingredients that has been enhanced by the addition of a key ingredient called Bioprene, which has been proven through U.S. Clinical Studies to increase the absorption rates of the nutrients that it is combined with.


...Which means your body can more easily — and more effectively — utilize the scientifically formulated blend of proven-to-work herbal medicines contained within each capsule.


Go to for more information about this peniss enhancement superpower, endorsed by medical doctors and naturopaths alike.

316 Views 3 Comments Permalink Tags: plus, vigrx, *****, enlargement, pills, fact is a great deal of information — and a great deal of misinformation -- on the internet these days about peniss enhancement products.


With such a proliferation of half-truths and outright scams, it's tough these days to know what the real truth is when it comes to male enhancement.


Well, here's the plain truth: There are very few peniss enlargement techniques that ACTUALLY work.


Let's start by looking at the different techniques available to you...


Male Enhancement Technique #1: Extension Devices


Peniss extension devices are widely available online. Some of them are pretty funny-looking. Some of them cost a fortune.


But do they actually work?


Well, they can, actually. If you are willing to put in the time, effort, and dedication, using the right device — and using it properly — you can start to see results within a few weeks.


You need to make sure you are using a good device, such as the ProExtender and you need to make sure you don't injure yourself. And you need to be persistent — you won't see any change at all unless you use the device every day, or multiple times per day, for at least a few weeks.


Male Enhancement Technique #2: Peniss Enlargement Exercises


Exercises can definitely help to enlarge your peniss — perhaps even a little better than extender devices.


That's because you have greater control and more options when you are doing your exercises manually.


Again, to ensure that your male enhancement exercise program works — and to ensure that you don't injure yourself (OUCH!) — you need to follow a well-respected, proven program. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure your information is reliable and safe.


But once again, they key to making your peniss enlargement exercise program work is to keep at it.


You'll need to start off slow, then build your way up to a program that has a real impact on your length and girth. It takes time, patience, and dedication. You'll want to perform your exercise routines at least once or twice a day for at least a few weeks.


The most successful peniss enlargement exercise participants will keep at it for many months to see impressive results.


Male Enhancement Technique #3: Peniss Enlargement Pills


The best thing about peniss enlargement pills is that you can get results fast.


You don't need expensive, cumbersome equipment, and best of all, you don't need to invest hours and hours of your precious time doing exercises for weeks on end.


...All you need is one little pill each day for real results, almost instantly!


Of course, there is a drawback to this method. The reality is, most male enhancement pills out there simply don't work. A number of fly-by-night manufacturers have produced pills that will do literally nothing for the length or girth of your peniss, or your sexual performance.


When you're looking for a peniss enlargement pill that will give you the results you desire, look for a pill that includes proven ingredients, and that is doctor-endorsed, with a strong refund policy (i.e., if it doesn't work, you can just return it!).


That's how you'll know you're dealing with a reputable company and a legitimate product.


For example, VigRX Plus is a very well-known name in this industry. Its impressive list of proven medicinal ingredients is second-to-none, including the following powerful herbs:


  • Bioperine - clinically proven to increase herbal supplement absorption rates
  • Puncture Vine - used in Europe for thousands of years as a method to treat sexual dysfunction and increase libido
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract - also known as "Horny Goat Weed"; has been used for thousands of years as a libido enhancer
  • Ginkgo Leaf - Ginkgo Biloba provides nutritional support for mental  alertness, enhanced vitality level, circulatory health, and blood vessel  health
  • Asian Red Ginseng - traditionally used to overcome general weakness and deliver extra energy, it also has aphrodisiacal powers
  • Saw Palmetto Berry - has a long-held a reputation as a sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract - used to restore sexual virility and to increase sexual desire and potency in men
  • Catuaba Bark Extract - the most famous of all the Brazilian aphrodisiac plants
  • Hawthorn Berry - rich in bioflavoloids, which relax and dilate the  arteries; also contains powerful antioxidants that help increase blood  flow and oxygen to the heart and other areas of the body


This doctor-approved formula has a proven track record and a great refund policy: If you're not completely satisfied after trying VigRX Plus for 67 days, you don't pay a penny. Not bad, huh?


A solution like VigRX Plus is an easy, discreet way to achieve the male enhancement results you're looking for — without spending countless hours doing exercises manually or with cumbersome equipment.

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