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Winter in Ah-cago

Posted by Wheelokent on Dec 25, 2009 2:34:45 PM

My youngest didn't used to be able to pronounce Chicago when I had to start commuting there. It sticks in my head. I like the way Mark Twain used to write in a type of phonetically spelled vernacular of the 1800's. Like a kid pronouncing ah-cago. I go back in in a little over a week. All I can think of is cold and dim nights. There are two nice sized gyms within a half mile of work and my hotel. One, Ballys, just reminds me of the meat market type of place and I'm not looking for that kinda distraction. The other place is like a full service indoor arena. Rock climbing, huge spin rooms, tracks, courts, etc. I don't have a feel for it yet as I have not gone in. My rides and runs take be my there and I have looked them up on the interwebs. I'll have to try it when I get back if running of snowshoeing is too difficult. I don't feel like working out inside yet. I'll fight the elements outside for as long as my body will take it. Hell, if they can live and work like that in the upper reaches of the hemisphere, this souther boy can adapt somehow!


You readin' this? Let me know. It's crap, but it helps.

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