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Feeling some return

Posted by Wheelokent on Jan 20, 2010 9:57:28 PM

Had three great days last week on this interval training set I found for 5k races. I'm amping it up a little and in a couple weeks plan to throw in some distance.


Right after those workouts (all of them were running, cycling and light weights), I got home and fell into a depression stupor of sorts. It's irritating as hell. My time cannot be managed the same at home and one thing I am bad at is managing my personal time. I should have been much happier as my biopsy results were clear, recheck in 6 months. But I was just exhausted and didn't feel like I engaged with my kids like I wanted to. Still, they are very loving kids and always help me.


I can see changes in my face that I haven't seen in 7 or 8 years. Feels good.


The wind is screeching outside. I have not done an outdoors workout since I got back from break. I need to get a set of gaiters to go with my walking stuff so I dont get soaked. Probably said this before, but how do people deal with the continual grey skies and piles of nasty dirty snow in Chicagoland? Schaumburg has some of the best sidewalk system I have ever seen, but they don't salt it. I can't wait to get the bike back out. I am here all next month and if I time my waking up, I might be able to catch an hour or so of sun at the end of the work day. Oh to put just 20 miles on a bike right now at good speed would make me elated.


You reading this? Let me know especially if you live in Charlotte NC or Schaumburg.


Peace, love and competition



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