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Yeah! I did it. 1:08:27 for a 10K! I ran the whole way and did not walk at all. It was a very rainy and cold start to the race, but by the time I was done running the sun was coming out! I really need to look into some rain gear and cold gear.

Met some great people along the way. Everyone was so encouraging and positive. There were some elevations to deal with, not huge ones, but enough to remind me that I need to do hill work! At the end my legs were starting to hurt, another reminder that I need to work on distance. I need to say here that this is the longest I have ever run in my life!

I am thinking of doing the rock and roll half-marathon in October. It is here in LA and I think that it would be a good run to measure my progress toward my Goofy Challenge in January.

My bib and finisher's medal. The top women 10K did a 40:14!! WOW! I have a goal of doing a 10K in under 1 hr.




So looking forward to January. Thanks to all my friends who kept sending encouragement!


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I am here! Actually I have been here for a few hours. So excited....


I checked out the expo this am where I got my bib and race tee! Nice race tee!



Had a great lunch at PF Chang's and now resting at the hotel. I know I live in Long Beach but I am making a weekend to me for this race. The expo had lots of great things for runners, bikers, and anyone who is active. I am still looking into getting compression stockings for my marathon in January. Tried some coconut water today and I can say that it is not really my cup of tea. Kinda nasty actually. Also, I started to realize that I will need to get some "cold" running gear for January. It is in Florida, and I know it does not get freezing cold, but at will be uncomfortably cold for me in my current running gear.


I was fortunate to get a hotel that is right down the street from the race start/finish. In a bit I am going to forage for dinner. More to post latter.



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running log  

Posted by Wickeddiaz May 13, 2011

So working nights kills my energy to post blogs. was just a weight lifting day. Nothing to hard as I am running my first 10K Sunday! I am supper excited. The last run I did was a 30min aprox 3mile run on Wednesday. It was not the easiest run and it was not the hardest run ever. I kept a pace average of a 10:42 mile.


I am so excited for Sunday and Pasadena. There is an expo on Saturday and then I am going to just relax! My plan for this is to start out at an 11min/mile for the first 3 miles and then creep up to a 10:30 and then try a 10:00 the last mile or so. We shall see. I know I can maintain an 11:00 min/mile for the whole 10K. Now to just add on 20 more miles!


Lots of drama at work with patients and staff. I did figure out that my marathon will be starting at 5:30am EST. That is 2:30am PST. It may work in my favor to be on  a night shift! I am normally awake at that time.


Tonight is dinner with friends and then roller derby!



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