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running log  

Posted by Wickeddiaz on May 13, 2011 6:46:46 PM

So working nights kills my energy to post blogs. was just a weight lifting day. Nothing to hard as I am running my first 10K Sunday! I am supper excited. The last run I did was a 30min aprox 3mile run on Wednesday. It was not the easiest run and it was not the hardest run ever. I kept a pace average of a 10:42 mile.


I am so excited for Sunday and Pasadena. There is an expo on Saturday and then I am going to just relax! My plan for this is to start out at an 11min/mile for the first 3 miles and then creep up to a 10:30 and then try a 10:00 the last mile or so. We shall see. I know I can maintain an 11:00 min/mile for the whole 10K. Now to just add on 20 more miles!


Lots of drama at work with patients and staff. I did figure out that my marathon will be starting at 5:30am EST. That is 2:30am PST. It may work in my favor to be on  a night shift! I am normally awake at that time.


Tonight is dinner with friends and then roller derby!



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