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3/3/2010 - First post: New beginnings

Posted by Wideguy on Mar 3, 2010 9:06:01 AM

Well, where to start?  I have started so many times before  and never "followed through" in a meaningful way. I'm hoping this time will be different, I'm determined this time HAS to be different. In the last year or a little more I have sat by watching my size and weight grow and made a lot of excuses and given myself a lot of  "tomorrows" on this whole lifestyle change.  Holidays, birthdays, ... whatever. None are really a good reason for doing so many things I know are unhealthy. And somehow, even buying bigger and bigger clothes didn't phase me. Going to 46' waists and XXXL shirts should have been a wakeup call, but I didn't even blink.


So here I am,  March of 2010 and last week at my doctor's appointment my official weight on the scale was 297 pounds.  Yes.... 297...That is 3 tiny pounds from the "BIG 3."  Now, I was fully clothed, winter boots, heavy coat... all that, so I'll give myself a couple pounds maybe.. but  I decided then, there will never be another "3" on my medical chart. I don't care if I'm in the "19?"  range, I will ask the nurse to write 194 or 192.  I have 10 months until my 40th Birthday... 1/5/2011.  10 months, 100 pounds.  10 months to get in the best shape of my life and start the second half of it as a healthy, active person so I can enjoy my kids and  grand kids and retirement and all those things.


Wish me luck.  And if all goes well, I'll share this with all my family and friends in the end so they can see my journey,  we'll see, but for now this is my secret.  Along the way, there are a couple goals,  a 5K for the Scoutarama in Sept 2010 being one of the big goals.  Being in better shape for the monadnock hike in September is another one.  We'll see what else comes along. As my first step I am taking up jogging.  Staring with the "Cough to 5K " program.  Then I will supplement with biking, or swimming or roller bladeing as needed along the way and work in some basic resistance stuff... Crunches, pushups, pull ups etc.

Oh, and doing all my running barefoot, or at most in my Vibram Five  fingers.  Maybe more on that later but read the book "Born to Run: A  Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and  the Greatest Race the World Has Never  Seen" by Christopher McDougall.  Then Just start doing some research on barefoot running  and see what you think. Until you do please don't tell me that running barefoot is horrible and dangerous etc.  ..I've tried running BF, and I've tried super cushioned shoes...BF works for me.


And on that note.. here's how I am started so far.



3/1/2010 : Started the C25K program from again. A great program. Started it with Darling Wife (DW) in August 09 but never finished.  Didn't quite follow the true Week 1 Day 1. I pushed a little, stretching a couple run segments to 2, 2.5 minutes each. Felt good to be able to do that but did wear on my bad more. So W1D2 I will go back to  following the plan more strictly,  make sure I do this at a pace that leads to long term success. But felt good to get out and break a sweat.  really need to remember a headlamp or get a watch/stopwatch with a back light... hard to watch intervals in a dark parking lot. Did my running in the small upper parking lot at Roosevelt School.


3/2/2010: Didn't run today, but did a solid 40 minutes on the stationary bike at home. Wasn't really feeling it but made myself go. Planned on only 20 minutes but  started repeating "Can't be this fat when I'm 40."  It became my mantra and before I knew it I was at 40 minutes and was working pretty high effort.  No idea what my Heart rate was.  Another thing to  look into buying  as I move on, a decent HR monitor.  Note to self.  Have a feeling I'm gonna have a lot of those along the way.

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