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Posted by Wideguy on Jun 15, 2010 5:26:56 PM

Tonight's post is entitled  "GAWD I LOVE DOWNHILL!!"


Was another  "low motivation night, was still feeling some minor stiffness in my  shins and  a bit of  arthritis twinge in my ankles because I'm almost a week overdue for my arthritis meds  (Enbrel) but decided I would  just GO!


First  few run cycles were tough...  really   started to wonder if I was going  to be ready for Week 3 after today.  Slipped off my Five Fingers  two  run cycles sooner tonight, and  things got easier. I started landing  more gently and pounding my shins less which was a huge help.   Got  through the middle bit and  got to my last two run cycles,  starting at  17:30. Was supposed to run 90 seconds  but suddenly was feeling good,  nice long downhill stretch  so I decided to see if I could  stretch it  out a little, kind of guage if I would be ready for the 3 minute runs  next week.  I ended up running the whole remainder of my route home.  Stopped my stopwatch and walked for a few minutes before I looked... it  read 22:37!  I managed to run the last 5 minutes straight!  WOOT!


Maybe I CAN  do week 3!


So with my 6 minute warmup walk,   puts me at 28:37 for 2.00 miles... under a 15 minute mile, which is kinda what I'm shooting for.  Also been doing pushups 3-4 days the last week,  trying to get to 30 good ones every day but so far not QUITE there.  One step at a time.

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