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6/19/10 and I'm still here!

Posted by Wideguy on Jun 19, 2010 10:31:07 AM

Well, I didn't run last night as my son and new running buddy had his  semi-formal for 8th grade last night and he didn't want to miss the run.  But i didn't want to take a day completely off so I did 30 minutes on my stationary bike on a Weight Loss prgressive  setting... and man that cooked my legs WAY more than running.


Then, in a  flight of genius ( or was it stupidity) decided to run today. But  instead of getting out early, I slept in, went to the compost center,  THEN, at 11:30, when it was 85° , blazing sun and not a breath of  wind... THEN I went running. (And we all chant in chorus "Idiot! Idiot!  Idiot!"  ) And let me tell you,  first  running in the evening with a  nice cool breeze is sooooo much nicer... second,  asphalt on bare feet  in noon day sun SUCKS! Had to break down and put on my Vibram Five  Fingers.


But,  despite the grousing, we finished W3D1. And we even added and extra 2  minute run at the end because we were still a ways from home after the  final 3 minute "walk" and it seemed odd to  end the workout just walking  when I always do a cooldown anyway.  So ended up doing 11 minutes  running and 9 walking plus warm up and cool down. Still right on pace,  27 minutes door to door, 2.05 miles.


Working tonight so a lot of walking  and lifting there to keep me limber and then tomorrow will probably hit  the bike again, in the Air conditioning. It is Father's Day, after all.

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