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6/23/10 - W3D3

Posted by Wideguy on Jun 23, 2010 7:34:21 PM

     Well, ran with both boys tonight and that was kind of trying on the  patience... degenerated into a bit too much talking and goofing around,   the walk segments were practically dead stops and I spent way too much  time slowing down, hearding them out of the road, looking over my  shoulder and generally keeping tabs.... was a little frustrating.

     But on  the plus side they are still asking to come with me and my younger son  jumped right to week 3 with me after only two nights doing W1 and managed the whole thing, plus a little. I had  to slow my pace a bit and, as I said, the walk segments were slow  but  not only did we finish all four run cycles, we tacked on an extra 2:00  and 90 second runs at the end. All told we were out for about  32  minutes and did 2 miles so definitely slower pace than I am used to  doing alone.  But even the 3 minute runs weren't hard. (probably the  benefit of the pace)   so that felt great.  I might try to do W3D4 alone  Friday, just to feel I got a more solid effort in and then  move to W4  on Monday. We'll See.

     Still,  the boys out running with me, even if I have to moderate a bit, really is a great motivator and nice time together. Can't complain about that . 


Weather was nice...  didn't go out till almost  8:30 so was only about 77 degrees and not quite as humid. Definitely  worth waiting and going a touch later.


     Last night I also started the 100 pushup Challenge,  did 5 sets of 6, 5, 4, 3, and 4 reps respectively.  Form suffered a little on the last set but overal feels really good to have done it and gotten started.  Also about time to start  working on the diet again. All just a part of the grand plan for the big Four-OH!  


See you all tomorrow!

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