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6/25/10 - WOOT!!!

Posted by Wideguy on Jun 25, 2010 8:03:17 PM

     So went out alone tonight... Have a big day tomorrow , lots of walking,  and wasn't really happy with W3D3 on Wednesday so I decided to go W3D4  inetad of pushing on.  Warmup walk went great Did my 90/90 run/walk,  then started my first 3 minute run... interupted the podcast to shoot a  short video of part of my run  and then finished the podcast 3 minute  interval, so that stretched to 3.5 or so ... then 3 minute walk , next  90/90 ...and I was feeling really good. Had a great rythmn, breathing  was solid... just really feeling great. So I went a little nuts.

     I ran my  next 3 minute interval and was feeling so good when he said walk, I  didn't... ran through the whole rest of the podcast... and the song that  came on next ... ran right past my turn home and started my loop  again...all told it was 11 minutes continuous!!!  Then did a 2 minute  walk, another 90 second run and  then walked the rest of the way home.

     Added another 6/10 of a mile to my route too!


WOOT!!!! I am so psyched I can hardly  describe it!  2.6 miles in 35 minutes!!  Week 4? BRING IT ON!!

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