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June 28, 2010

6/28/10 - Part 1

Posted by Wideguy Jun 28, 2010

been a couple days since I posted. After my last run on Friday, I spent the whole day Saturday at an Air Show  and, despite having a FANTASTIC time,  was not exactly the recovery day that my body needed. Woke Up Sunday teh 27th and my ankles felt like solid chunks of bone, took a full half hour to get them bending again. Then it was off for 6 hours of Cub Scout training, and then home for grocery shopping and repeairing the wife's Mini-van rear hatch.  By the time I finished that at 9PM I just had nothing left for a run.  So ,... two days off this week... Not ideal but not fatal. 


     On the plus side the feet and ankles feel good so tonight will be my run night come hell or high water.  Wish me luck!

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