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June 30, 2010

6/28/10 part 2  & 6/29

Posted by Wideguy Jun 30, 2010

OK.. So I didn't quite make it on Monday night to post "Part 2" of that blog but here is the recap.  You remember how I said something about "Hell or High water?"  Well, wasn't quite hell, but WAS planty of water, all leaving my body at an alarming rate. I got home Monday, did all the usual family stuff and waited out the sun.  It was brutal hot for New England all day and even at 9:00 PM , after sunset, it was still 83° and 80% humidity. Easily my worst run conditions yet.  And my first day on Week 4 with alternating 3 and 5 minute runs. About all I can say is I finished it. I did all myy intervals, did warm up and cool down... but nothing extra. And then went upstairs and took a loooong, coooold shower.  So, some satisfaction that I successfully completed the run, moved on to W4 and did it in really unpleasant conditions .  But it was not one of those "feel good" runs.


Then yesterday the weather broke and my wife had her W2D2 run scheduled for after dinner.  Well after dinner turned into after dark. The weather was so nice, 65° and dry and clear and I needed the emotional boost of an enjoyable run. So I went out and joined her. I know it should have been a day off but I just felt like I needed to go and it felt great. The pace was slower than I am used to but it was good to get a feel for slowing it down and resting as I ran and she and I had a nice time out there together dreaming about the day we can do that  together except in the middle of a 5 mile run.I'm really glad I went. We need those moments


So tonight is my W4D2, weather looking perfect and I'm excited.  I'll post when I know how it went.

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