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Posted by Wideguy on Jul 20, 2010 8:06:34 AM

OK... so it's been  3 weeks or so?  Wow how time gets away I guess.  A lot has happened since my last post to this but I think the key point is I'm still here, I'm still running and I'm still trying.


I ended up rolling my ankle at work the last week of June so decided to take a few days off. Rode the stationary bike once . Then July 2nd-5th I went to New York and Niagara Falls with the family. Did lots of walking, kayaking, playing with the kids and neice and nephew,... but no running.

     Then I was home for 3 days, but still didn't run.  In fact didn't get back out till July 12th!  Two full weeks off.. UGH!  But had a great run that night,  did 10 minutes continuous and felt really strong.  Then another couple days and out on the 15th  for what I could consider a complet W4 day.  Didn't do the intervals like I should have, ended up with a 3 minute, a 9.5 minute and a 6 minute run.... but adds up to more than the 16 minutes of week 4 running so I'm happy.


     Along the way , from the 9th through the 16th, I was at Cub Scout Camp with my son. Got a couple nights running in but did lots of walking and rowing etc.  LOTS... so that felt good and kept me active at least


     Another dissappointing night on the 17th  but still got 10 minutes running in and pressed on making myself get out regularly again. Good news is the ankle felt completely healed. So not too bad.


Then comes last night... and  I think I can consider this a  completed W4D3,  but not QUITE on plan. Here's what  happened...


      I went out last night, took a 4 minute warmup and then started the  podcast. (I've been finding I do better with a slightly longer warmup  and the extra 5 minutes out of my life isn't a big deal. )  I took a  slightly different route because I figured I might need some more  distance to finish my run before I got home if I stayed with the  intervals. So I was a little further out than usual near the end of my  first 3 minute run.  As I turned a corner out into a big open stretch of  farmland I saw the lightning... seemed pretty far away but couldn't  tell how far or which way it was heading so I started looking at  options. More house ahead than heading back the way I came so i figured  that was the safer choice. I did my 3 minutes and when the podcast said  "Ok lets cool down for 90 seconds" I just didn't. I figured I could  handle 90 seconds and get just THAT much ahead fo the storm.

      Then the 5 minutes run... and that was managable,  so I kept going.  And  right through the second 2.5 minute walk segment, the second 3 minute  run. Continuous!!

That worked out to be a 15 minute  continuous run covering just over 1.25 miles!!!

      Then, just  as he was saying " ok get ready for your next 5 minute run, it's your  last run so don't be afraid to push it a little."  I was thinking  maybe  I'd go for it!   I was close to home and the storm seemed to be passing  away from me.  I went to jog over a speed bump and landed wrong or  twisted funny or something and felt this sudden shooting pain in my left  calf.  So I managed to slow down gradually, and limped the .25 mile  home. 


     So, it's only 15 minutes running, and W4D3  should have been 16 minutes... but it was continuous, so think I can  credit myself the minute?   I have very mixed emotions... great run, and  I really needed one after the disssappointing attempt in the humidity  on Saturday. But then this fluke in the last minutes looks like I'm out  at least a couple days.  Hate that.



     So all in all, I'm feeling pretty confident in my running again, actually enjoying parts of it too. I've seen a little weight loss, down to 272 the other day but definitely have to do more with the diet to keep that up... walking miles at camp everyday was a huge help, need to work that in more often.  But as I said... I'm still here, I'm still working, I'm still striving to improve myself and my goal of being in the best shape of my life by 40... and that is something.

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