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7/27/10 Another week  - random thoughts

Posted by Wideguy on Jul 27, 2010 8:02:53 AM

Well here it is another week gone. I've had some good luck with runs this week.  My calf pull  healed OK. I took two days off then tried a nice uphill hike and 1/2 mile trail run . It tightened up hard again. I started to worry that it was going to be a longer term thing, started to make excuses for a prolonged "injury break". It kind of pissed me off that I was so willing to just write it off for another week or more... so I decided not to.  Went out after another day off with my wife who runs at a slower pace than me. I took a nice long 10 minute walk  and then when she ran i ran.. focusing on "light and Easy Light and Easy"  soft full contact with my feet on the road and no tension in my calves. We managed to do a nice easy mile and my leg stayed relaxed the whole time. I was really happy that it went that well. Walking around the next day it felt good, not 100% but definitely healing.  So glad I didn't just give in to the easy excuse to quit.


Then last night I went out to try Week5 Day 1 of C25K .  My progression through week 4 took almost 3 weeks with interrruptions for family vacation and Scout camp, so I'm feeling a bit "off program " but looking forward to getting back on.  Grabbed my iPod and off I went... only to realize that I didn't have the Week 5 podcast installed and couldn't remember the intervals exactly. in my mind I was saying

"5 minute something? or was it 8?  Well, did 5 minutes  lst week so must be harder right?  and at least two intervals.. but was a  short rest I think?.... "


So  I did my warmup and started running ...  did 8 minutes, 3 minute walk  and 13 minutes!!  1.94 miles, (I was so pissed I missed two miles even )  Turns out the program for Day 1 was run5:walk3:run5:walk3:run5.


So  Not quite the W5D1 plan, but I did longer intervals, only one break and longer overall run time by 6 minutes, so  I'm counting it!


On a seperate note , the "200+ Pound" group here on continues to be a huge source of support for me. Amazing to see so many heavier people starting up and supporting each other. And you hear so many similar stories of emotional eating, stress, doubt ... but then so many voices chiming in to say "Been there, beat that, and so can you!'   Truly an amazing bunch of people.  Hoping to know them for a long time.


I am slowly redefining myself, changing my outlook... I'm starting to think of myself as a "Runner"... it's pretty wild.  The fact that last night, there was some stress in my life  and I looked at my wife and said, "I need to go for a run" ... was such a foreign emotion.


I might just like the new me, once I meet him.


Off to work

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